Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week In Review: 4/9/17

Another week of training in the books, and one more week closer to the Tink Half. EEK! I have to say I haven't been thrilled with my running progress. I think I'm being slightly unreasonable in my expectations of how easy (or...more like hard) getting back into running was going to be. I have no base and I'm trying to ramp up mileage really quickly. It's really a recipe for disaster, but here I am, plugging away anyway. Here's my workout progress from this past week:

Sunday: Taught HIIT
Monday: Insanity Max 30, Taught Fit Fun Kids
Tuesday: Insanity Max 30, Taught BodyPump
Wednesday: Insanity Max 30, Taught Fit Fun Kids, Pump Express, and Roll & Stretch
Thursday: Taught BodyPump TWICE (ouch!)
Friday: Insanity Max 30
Saturday: 6 mile run

I did some extra rolling and stretching in there as well. I'm still needing to focus on recovery. This week marks the end of the first month of Insanity Max 30. Next week I start on the second calendar, and I'm a little scared. These workouts are really challenging so I can only assume it's going to get harder. I also am teaching a lot next week because it's Spring Break here, which means lots of vacations.

On the Tink vacation planning side, we FINALLY got our reservations squared away, got all the race fees paid, and started to plan more of the details of the trip. I really can't wait for this vacation. Robby is a little toddler now and I can't wait to see how he does at Disneyland! He loved it as an infant (especially the characters) so I can only imagine his love is going to grow as he 'gets it' a bit more. I also can't wait to see my fellow runDisney nutty friends! Is it too early to start packing?

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