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So You Want To Run Disney--Part 2: Registration

Updated July 2021

We are on to Part 2 of the “So You Want to Run Disney” series!  If you missed Part 1: Choosing your race, check it out HERE.  Now that your heart is set on one race, a series of races, or all of the races, it’s time to get registered.  This can be just as hard as running!  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!  SPECIAL NOTE: the runDisney climate has changed. It's been a frenzy, chill, and now it seems to be back at frenzied times. If you want to get into a race, be prepared! 

Typically, runDisney opens registration about 9-11 months before the race date (currently dates were pushed back due to Covid-19).  You can sign up for reminders at, but I wouldn’t wait for the reminder!  They are often emailed after the race registration opens and sometimes even after the race is already sold out.  You can find the dates for registration up many places, including on our Facebook, Instagram, and blog pages.  I always mark my calendar and be sure to schedule my availability.  Races usually open at 10:00 am Eastern, 7:00 am Pacific.  These times have changed over the years, so it never hurts to triple check.

You will want a few things ready for your registration.  You will be asked all the basics—name, birthday, address, etc.  You will also need to indicate if you are participating in any special categories, such as the military division.  When (I'm hopeful) Coast to Coast comes back, there is also a place to indicate if you are completing your Coast to Coast.  One important piece of info you will want to have handy is your proof of time.  In order to be placed in a corral with runners that are at similar speeds, you need to submit a previous completed race time from a registered race.  For half marathons, this must be a 10k or higher; for the full, a 10-miler or higher.  If you do not have a previous time, you will be placed in the last corral.  You can update that time in the future if needed. In fact, I often do this just to get to the "complete your registration" button sooner. You will need: the name of the race, city/location, date, official time, and the link to the race results.  Yes, I always have to look it up.  Also note that the race had to have been run somewhat recently. will list the cut-off dates (it's usually within the past 2 years).  You will also want to login to your runDisney account BEFORE registration begins!  Create your account and have it open; save your password to your computer--if the race will sell out in minutes, you won't want to waste precious time typing. I would also recommend you follow runDisney on Twitter and different Facebook groups.  That is where they will continually update registration news the morning of registration.  If your computer uses autofill, that sometimes messes with the website. Shut it off for registration and type in your information. 
Does Disney Run in YOUR Family?  If so, you're in luck, because recent changes have allowed you to register multiple people at once! Just hit "add additional registration" before checking out.

Get your credit card warmed up, because it will get good use during registration.  You will want to note that in addition to the price listed from runDisney, added administration fees will increase the price by 6.6%.  Plan for $15-$20 in fees for the mid-range races.  You can use a Disney gift card or rewards redemption card to make your purchase. Just be aware that you can only use one payment method, so be sure you have enough loaded to your card to cover the race and fees. 

A quick note about challenges: runDisney is really getting into the race weekend challenges.  If you plan to run a challenge, such as the Dopey Challenge or the Glass Slipper Challenge, you must register for that challenge to receive all the benefits of the challenge.  You will not get the challenge medal or shirt if you sign up for the races individually. 

When you register for the races, you’ll be given the opportunity—isn’t that nice that they give you an opportunity—to also pre-purchase some commemorative items.  For us, we always get the pins.  It’s the one thing I have from every single Disney race I’ve run.  They often also sell necklaces (yes, I’m wearing my Dopey necklace as I write this) and other merchandise including jackets, tumblers, magnets, tons of stuff. Recently they also have done bundle packages. Don't stress out that day, though. You can order the items afterwards too, but don't hesitate too long. When they sell out, they sell out (and this option is getting much more popular).

In the past, early registration often occurs for Disney Vacation Club owners and Disney Annual Passholders.  You can register more than one person in your household using these links.  The links will go live at a specified time/date on your landing page for each of these groups, typically the Thursday prior to the regular registration date.  Unfortunately for 2021, this option is not available. I'm hopeful it will return in the future.

What happens if you miss out and the race is full?  You always have the option of running with a charity group!  It’s a great way to raise money for some amazing causes and still get all the benefits of running the race, usually with extra bells and whistles.  Of course, you can always do both: register on your own AND run for a charity!  

Prior to 2021, you could find a travel provider that has bibs. Hopefully that will return too! If it does, here's some info: At times you may be required to purchase a room and/or tickets with the bib purchase. You can find authorized travel providers at We've done this a few times and have had great experiences! Often you can register early and save on the fees. Just check with your favorite Disney vacation planner friends (because if you're like me, you have a TON). 

So which races do you need to worry about? Remember, the climate HAS changed (when we first posted this series it was an all out frenzy!!! Now, I'm not quite sure.). The 10ks, 5ks, challenges, and kids races are still hot commodities. Out of those, I think the challenges sell out last. 

So now you are armed and dangerous!  You have everything you need to know to register, stress FREE for you next runDisney event. Hopefully I can take my own advice, and I'll see you at the house of mouse!

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