Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Favorite runDisney Race -- The Diaper Dash!

The last few months have been really busy. Alyson and Bill have relocated to the East Coast. We had 2 vacations in the past months before they even finished unpacking. And, I’m doing physical therapy for back pain and researching knee replacement.  

There are a lot of race recaps to catch up on, especially the ones from Paris. But I wanted to write about my favorite race of all time.

On Labor Day weekend, we went to Disneyland because Aly and Bill want to keep the Dumbo Double Dare as a legacy race. Even if I didn’t tag along to watch Robby as his parents raced, I would have gone to see Robby do his first runDisney race – the Diaper Dash. (Honestly, I don’t know why I never spectated this race before.)

The Diaper Dash is the most entertaining runDisney race that exists. It is for 12 month and under crawlers. Entries are limited so it’s just like signing up for any other runDisney race -- they sell out fast.  Robby was signed up before we knew if he would be crawling at the time of the race. 

You get a bib and race shirt just like the other races.  Robby also got the optional race ears.  You have to pick up your packet at the expo and you get your medal at the finish.
Robby at the Expo
It happens at the end of the kids races. They lay down gym type padding under the “kids races” finish line and then cover it with a “lane” mat.

Before the race began, they gave an entertaining display of what to expect at a diaper dash. 

DDD (no. not Dumbo Double Dare
----Diaper Dash Demo!)
And, yes, there were cryers, crawlers and our favorite, “the sleeper”. The costumes abound with these little racers. One little girl was decked full out in a Disney Tour Guide outfit! Our little guy was Mickey. You are allowed 2 "helpers", one at each end of the mat.

The first “wave” of crawlers lined up. The little guy in the first lane took off with determination. About halfway up the mat, he made a severe right turn, crossed over all the lanes and almost went right off the edge of the mat! Parents brought cell phones, toys and one even had a tv remote to entice the little people to crawl to them.
Robby was taking a quick
nap before his race.

As each wave of crawlers lined up (I think there were about 5 sets), I kept looking for Robby and his parents. I saw them keep moving to the back. Later I learned that Robby was fast asleep.

The final group was lining up, and there was Robby (with his I just woke up, where am I? face). The last wave of little racers were ready to go.   Robby was on his hands and knees, looked around and then just sat up! (He wasn’t actually crawling at this point. However, while he was sitting he must have been watching all the other little guys and gals. That afternoon, when we returned to the Disneyland hotel, he started taking his first few crawling “steps”.)  

As the other little dashers were helped to the finish line, Robby still sat and looked around. Carissa (for those who don't know, she is one of the runDisney announcers) got down on the mat next to him and announced that Robert wasn’t interested in racing, he’d rather be an announcer. She handed him her microphone and Robby gladly took it.  

Maybe I do have a shot at being an announcer!

Coaxing Robby in Lane 2 to the Finish Line

Finally, the finish line!
So, at the 2016 Disneyland Half Weekend Diaper Dash, our Robby was the official last finisher!  But, as it goes in any other race, he finished and that’s what counts.  He happily chewed on his medal and we all were proud of him!

Have you ever watched a Diaper Dash (or any other of the Kids Races) at a runDisney event?  If you ever get the chance, you should check out the Diaper Dash.  It truly is fun race to watch.

Robby is now looking forward to his next race, the 100m Dash at the Tinkerbell Half Weekend in 2017.

Celebrating race weekend at Goofy's Kitchen

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Back from Paris (and my social media hiatus)

Hi there! Remember me? Well, we are back from Paris (OMG...amazing trip...I can't wait to share all the details), and I'm back from a social media break. No blogging. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Twitter. Nothing. I spent a solid two weeks hanging with my family and being present. The verdict? It was so awesome to disconnect!

I have to admit, both Bill and I are attached to our phones like they provide oxygen. We get super annoyed at each other, yet we continue to do it and never change our behavior. While in Paris, we decided not to turn on our phones (I actually left mine at home) because we didn't want to pay the international fees. It was the perfect way to quit cold turkey. Admittedly, we did bring the iPad and we had WiFi at the hotels, but I rarely checked anything. Mostly I just did a quick scan on FB to get updates on the twins.

What did I learn in the two weeks? I'm missing out on life by aimlessly scrolling on my phone. I can pretend that it's work, that I'm building my social media presence online to build my fitness business, but that would be a lie. The truth is I'm often scrolling, reading the same posts multiple times a day, and not getting anything accomplished. What a waste of time and a waste of life!!! I refuse to miss out on Robby's growing up or my precious time with my husband to read up on every little coming and going on social media.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a quitter! I won't be going anywhere, but I know that we need to put in some boundaries. Our first step is no technology at dinner. We are having dinner every night as a family. Even when it's just me and the Robster, dinner is sacred time. I know it sounds simple, but I figure it's a great way to start. Personally, I'm going to be coming up with a daily schedule. My days are all on my own schedule, which lately has turned into no schedule, and that's not productive at all. I have so many great business ideas to help so many people, but I've got to dedicate some time to get to work.

Everyone needs to start somewhere. It's so crazy to think that just a few years ago I could go days without looking at a phone. I love what social media has done to keep me connected with friends and to introduce me to new friends. I'll never be one of those people who deactivates Facebook. I just need to find the perfect balance!

Have you ever disconnected? Do you have technology rules in your house?