Sunday, November 8, 2015

Random Ramblings on Last Night's Events: Wine & Dine 2015

Last night while the runners were in limbo and wondering what was going on, I was blissfully unaware of the situation and enjoying my baby shower here in Vegas. I got a text from Katie saying that she was relieved that she wasn't at Wine and Dine this year (she and Chris had to defer). I quickly went to Facebook and Twitter, because that's where all the real info comes from, right? HAHAHA  This morning, my FB feed was full of status updates, some whiny, some positive, and some downright rude. What's a runDisney blogger to do other than give my two-cents?

First and foremost, I wasn't there. I didn't fly across the country. It wasn't my first half marathon. It wasn't my first runDisney race. That being said, if you were there and had your race cut short, I'm sorry that the weather impacted your race. I hope you still feel the seriously amazing accomplishment you were prepared for. You did the training, you toed the line, you were ready, and THAT is the accomplishment. The race is the icing, the fun part, the part people focus on, but all runners understand that the REAL work is done in the dark, in the cold, in the heat, on the treadmill. For that, I hope you are celebrating your accomplishment!

For all the critics of runDisney for cutting the course, and there were a lot of them, I'd love to hear YOUR solution! Storms, lightning, I'd rather be safe than hear about a tragedy happening on the course. And for those questioning why they would cut so much off the course (the race ended up being a little over 7 miles), you do realize it's a point to point course and logistically there are considerations that needed to happen. It's probably not so easy to just cut a mile or two. I think they did the best they could so that people could run a race, earn their bling, and celebrate. Personally I think it's naive to think they were only motivated by getting people to spend money at the finish line party. Last year, at the Wine & Dine "splash and dash", they did nothing to speed up the time you got to the party--in fact, the finish line was so understaffed I wasted at least half an hour waiting for my dry clothes. We stayed at the after party until 4 a.m. and the park was empty. I'm sure if they could control the weather, they would, but guess what, Disney really doesn't control everything!

This morning, I woke up to runners now criticizing the Wine and Dine runners for getting medals "they didn't earn." Really? I refer you to paragraph 2. Why would anyone poke at a runner who came ready to go, was evacuated, ran late, and had something beyond anyone's control change their plans? I hope that I'm only seeing a tiny bit of the runDisney family, but I keep hearing this over and over. For the record, I'm not a supporter of people taking the medal if they can't finish the race. It's not a popular opinion, but if you don't finish a race, you shouldn't get the medal. This case is different, though. These runners DID finish the race. There was a course, a start and a finish, and the runners went from that start to the finish and completed the race. It just feels different to me. This is probably the first time I've even voiced my opinion on the whole medal issue, and I avoid it on purpose--not my place to judge; it's just my opinion.

I hope the runners had a great race and enjoyed their weekend. You have a great story and experience that is very unique. Congratulations on your accomplishment--now celebrate! I suggest the food and wine at Epcot!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wine and Dine Wednesday

Are you getting ready to leave for Wine & Dine? With the 6th running of this very popular runDisney night race, I thought it would only be fitting that I give you my top 5 tips specific to this race. Of course, all the other stuff applies, like make sure you trained and blah blah blah, but being a night race during the Food & Wine Festival has some specific challenges.

1. Pack a comfy, warm outfit for after the race and check it in a bag in your plastic bag they give you at the expo. Don't forget the undies, socks, or flip flops, if you prefer. Be sure you have a bag that is more comfortable to lug around Epcot after the race. Those plastic drawstring bags they give you will likely not hold up to the partying you are about to take part in!

Good Luck Runners!
2. Avoid most of the Food & Wine Festival until after you are done running. There are a lot of yummy foods and even yummier drinks, but you don't want to chance something just not sitting right. At the very least, don't enjoy those festivities the day of the race--hold out for the finish line party!

3. Eat in reverse on race day. I start my day with the biggest meal and slowly cut down on food as the day progresses. I made the mistake in 2013 of eating a large lunch, and even that didn't have enough time to digest and I ended up not feeling great after the race. Eat your regular pre-race "meal" about 2 hours before the start.

4. Sleep in, take a nap, and try to get yourself ready to stay up until 4! Our one goal last year was to shut down Epcot, and even in the pouring rain, we shut it down!!! We stayed on "west coast time" and attended the Christmas party the night before, so 4 am didn't feel so scary. The after party is the best part, and you've earned it!

5. If you haven't run much in the dark, be prepared to slow down at some points where you can't see so well. If that makes you nervous, check out some lighting options--there are tons, from those on your head to those on your feet. There will be some not-so-well-lit spots on the course. Oh, and unless you're going to win the race, SLOW DOWN and enjoy the Osbourne Lights!!! It really is spectacular!!!

That's my 5! What other tips do you have for first-time Wine & Diners? Hope you all have a blast! I can't wait to return to this race weekend when Baby S arrives!