Sunday, September 6, 2020

Dopey Training: Month 2 Review

 As I write this, we are 19 weeks from the start of the Dopey Challenge. It's nearing the end of August and quaratine fatigue is still running strong, no pun intended. August started out pretty weak for me, honestly. With this being the first month of reduced unemployment, we have had even more stress as Bill still hasn't found full time work. I've been working nights and early mornings, making short bursts of 3-4 hours of sleep followed by a small nap a regular occurance. No, none of these things are directly related to running, but it all contributes to high stress and my overall health being out of whack.

August wasn't all a wash, though. We got our family registered for Star Wars (thanks to the refund of the Wine and Dine races). Robby will be running his first 5k, and he's so excited. We actually have to stop talking about it, because for a 4 year old, the concept of time and patience is a little troublesome! I had some good quality speedwork this month and some cooler temps have made for some better runs. Maybe most exciting is the opening of the gym on August 27th! Even though we are keeping classes outside for a while and have to wear masks when inside, this is at least some progress. My gym family is truly like family and I love sharing my passion for fitness at Sportsplex. Seriously, if you're ever in NY, stop by! It's a great place to workout!

August was also the start of the Strong Nation Challenge. If you've been following any of my social media, you know I've been posting themes, workouts, and the guide to this contest. Honestly, it's all about connecting people and getting them moving, more than any challenge or prize. The prize is commiting to all parts of your health for 6 weeks. Week one was strength, which is the easy part for me. Now it's onto thinging like Yoga, mindfulness, stretching. All things I need to be better at!

Let's get to some running numbers. Runners are inherntly data geeks, and I've had a lot of fun tracking my progress during this training cycle. 

Total miles in August: 85.2

Average pace: 11:25 minutes/mile

Missed workouts: 1 (only counting running for this one, I missed a lot of cross training)