Monday, July 19, 2021

The Road to NYC: An Injury Update

 Some people have bad backs; others have weak ankles. Me? I have bad knees. They aren't always bad, but they are always one move away from being injured. It's just always been that way, so again, here I am with a knee injury.

It started out innocently enough, a little tweak on the track while running my cool down mile. I stopped for a moment, shook it out, ran a little slower, and nothing of note happened. Until it did. One step into a lunge and I was done for the week.

It's almost a full week out and my knee is slowly getting better. I've had to lay off all physical activity and even spent a little time on some crutches to let everything calm down. It hurts. It hurts my head and heart too. I haven't even taken the time to put pencil to paper and rewrite how I'm going to do this marathon training thing. I'm honestly not sure when I can even run again.

Just giving the quick update. I'll be sharing the moves I'm doing to safely regain strength over on Instagram. Taping, wrapping, icing, anti-inflammatory meds and foods. I'm doing it all in hopes this will pass quickly and I'm back on the road to NYC soon.

Monday, July 12, 2021

The Road to NYC: Weeks 2 & 3

 The weeks are ticking by and I'm still here logging miles, getting ready to take on NYC and a long list of other races this season.

These past 2 weeks were the end of the first build weeks, so this week I'm taking it a bit easier. I'm finally in double digits again, and runs don't feel too taxing at this point.

I've also added in some track work. Man, these felt awesome! I aim for 400m at a 7:30 pace. Trying to get it faster by marathon day, and also working on getting it more consistent. This type of speedwork is my favorite. It's so easy on the body (due to the track) and I really see results of getting stronger and faster. This next training round will keep me on the track through July. Then I'll be ready to do some serious hill training.

Weekly mileage is hovering around 20 miles per week. Not too bad, yet nothing too serious yet. Maxed out at 10.5 miles on a pretty flat trail. Now is where the work begins!