Friday, November 1, 2019

NYC Marathon Update!

Well, the easy part is over--I've raised $500 for Team for Kids and have my entry into this year's virtual NYC Marathon. Now I need to actually run it. Damn.

There is a definite laziness that comes along with a virtual race, for me anyway. I know that I just have to complete it (yes, in an allotted time), so I really don't care at all about my time. I also know that it is 26.2 miles, so even though I have a decent amount of time to do it, I still know it would be best to log some training. At least I know this in my head. In reality, I haven't taken this training seriously at all. Yes, I've done some running, but I would hardly call it training. I've done a few long runs, made it past the half-marathon mark, and even dragged the baby out with me for a few short distance runs. I think I did some speed training once a few months ago.

I had a brief moment of pride finishing my 16-miler, only because I seriously wanted to give up. And now, you can add "being sick" to the list of things against me tomorrow. I've seen a few runners barely make the cutoff and heard of many challenges. Truth is I have no idea what is in store for me. Doing this on your own with no race support, no crowds cheering, no anything is really a big task. I'm getting my fuel ready today, thinking through how I'm going to do my up-and-backs, and planning all the backup devices I can manage because if one fails, there's no way I can do another marathon on Sunday!

So, universe of running, reading, and friends, I ask that you say a little prayer or send a few good wishes to me tomorrow. I hope to report success on the other side!