Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week In Review: 4/2/17

Ugh! This week did not go as planned, but it wasn't terrible either. I feel like NO week ever goes as planned, so I guess it's just accepting that fact and moving on!

Sunday: Taught HIIT
Monday: Insanity Max 30
Tuesday: Insanity Max 30 (then skipped my run because it was pouring and I got home late--FAIL)
Wednesday: Insanity Max 30, Taught Fit Fun Kids, BodyPump, and Trigger Point
Thursday: Insanity Max 30
Friday: Insanity Max 30
Saturday: Taught BodyPump, Trigger Point, & Kids Yoga; 5 mile run on the treadmill

I think this was the perfect example of how difficult it can be to run with a toddler, no treadmill at home, a husband who travels for work, and the inconsistent spring weather. All challenges that I need to figure out as I go along on this training journey!

I did end up rolling and stretching more this week. I'm a little sore from the new BodyPump 101 release, but nothing too bad. This upcoming week (and month) are definitely going to be a challenge because I'm teaching a ton at the gym. That's usually when I fall back into bad eating habits because I think I've "earned it". Gotta keep my eyes on the prize! Tink is just a few weeks away!

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