Sunday, October 12, 2014

runDisney Week in Review

Wow!  Someone was working overtime this week at runDisney!  There is a ton of news and announcements, so here's the whole week in a nutshell:

We all jumped on a tweet of the 2015/2016 runDisney calendar that quickly got removed:

 Just one day later, it was made "official" by runDisney posts on all social media.  Immediately everyone was in an uproar over the confirmation that Expedition Everest would be back (despite much speculation that it was going away) and the omission of the popular Tower of Terror 10-Miler.  Yes, we were super disappointed too, because we were definitely planning on doing that race in the future!  Of course, everyone was looking for the big "P"---PARIS---and it was no where to be seen :(

Graphics started appearing for individual race dates, including the date the race would go on sale.  Who else needs to buy a new planner?

But that wasn't the end of it!  This week also gave all of us runners who are headed to WDW next month our waivers and corral placement.  You can print your waiver here:
Then look up your bib number for corral placement here:


Don't forget to also check out the event guide here:

Most notably, though, is the policy change for Coast to Coast.  At the expo, if you will be recieving your C2C medal at the finish, you need to have your photo taken.  They will then use photo recognition at the finish line to award you that medal.  It seems a little odd and unnecessarily techy, but I'm sure they have their reasons.  I already have mine, but my hubby will be sure to let everyone know how it goes when he gets his medal in November.

This week was also filled with "last chances" to update proofs of time, as well as register for the Marathon Weekend events.  Seriously...would someone PLEASE fill up that last 2% of Goofy registrations!!!  I'm finding it harder and harder to resist!!!!  In case you are still looking to run, Goofy, the Marathon, & the Kids Races still have availability. 

Phew!  That's a whole lotta info!!!!  Now that it's officially announce, what races are in your future?  Who are we going to see at Wine & Dine? 

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