Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Top Tips for Goofy & Dopey

I love seeing so many of my runDisney friends getting ready for the 2015 WDW Marathon Weekend.  Being a "kind of" veteran of these races--doing Goofy in 2013 & Dopey in 2014--I thought I might share just a little of what I've learned to help you get through the last few weeks of training.

Run all the races!

First, talking training, my #1 tip is to train EXACTLY how you plan to run the race.  I know there are some plans out there that say differently, but my experience is that if you plan to run, run in training.  If you plan to do intervals, do those exact intervals in training.  For the record, I ran some part of all the races.

Next, start to plan your goal pace.  This should always include scaling back on earlier races, especially for Dopey.  Just for reference, this past Dopey, I ran the 5k, ran for 1/2 miles with walk breaks for the 10k, did a 2/1 run/walk for the half, and did a 3/1 run walk for the full.  I saved it all for the full, and ended up with a huge PR.  You can do it!!!!!

One of the most important things for training for the Goofy and Dopey is to train for recovery too!  Do ice baths help?  What about specific recovery food?  Clothing, like compression items?  I did it all and experimented with so much.  I even slept in compression pants.  Also, I highly recommend not spending the day on the couch after a long run when you are training.  Go shopping.  Get up and move around.  This is so important especially if you plan to enjoy the parks. 

I love a good ice bath!
 Like any other race prep, you will want to try everything out before race day.  That includes fuel, costumes, shoes, etc.  With multi-day races, I always bring two pairs of running shoes just for running, and another style (or two) for walking around the parks. 

Compression, new kicks, & a killer look!
My biggest tip is to remember to have FUN!  These races are the perfect storm for slow times, so why not enjoy the course?  Take pictures, meet new friends, and most importantly, finish strong so you can enjoy celebrating your accomplishment!  Good luck runners!  Anyone have any questions?  I'd love to answer :).

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