Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Nurse's Half Marathon Preview

In a few days, I'll be toeing the line for the Nurse's Half Marathon in Las Vegas, NV.  Yep, this is my first small, local race. I'm excited for many reasons.  First, I'm hoping to run a bit faster than my last race.  I'm not up to the point where I can "race" but my speed is starting to pick up again.  Second, not only am I running, but I'm also going to be teaching a few songs at a Zumba Party at the finish line (yes, I realize that's a little crazy, but... that's just me!).  Third, the course is just beautiful!!!  It's nothing like the Vegas you're thinking--it's 13.1 miles with the most beautiful mountains surrounding you.  ?

Half Marathon Course

The Expo is being held Friday from 1-9, and includes a few exhibitors and a full speaker series.  It is open to the public and free.  I'll be heading there after work, but hope to be able to hear from a few of the speakers. 

The race is a point to point race, so runners need to either take a bus from the finish line at 6:15 or from the hotel at 5:30.  The race starts at 7:00.  The Zumba Party that follows is from 10-12.  It is sure to be a fun, but exhausting morning!  I'm going to have to start planning a big lunch! 

Run... Then ZUMBA!
Since this is a small race, I'm planning on treating it as a training run.  I'm going to run with my own fuel and with all my gadgets.  Expect lots of pictures and tweets that morning! 

What are the differences between a runDisney event and a small local race?  Anything I need to be prepped for?


  1. Well since it's a small race you shouldn't have a problem with corrals and weaving between people. Goodluck! I am excited about the marathon coming up in November there that I am running. -L