Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Free! I'm Free!

That was me last night on my long run.  I knew I had to get in a few long runs at night to prepare for Wine & Dine and the Vegas RnR Half.  That left plenty of time to come up with a million excuses of why NOT to run.  I was cleaning, had work to do, was blogging, was... well, anything but run.  I finally got my shoes on and hit the road.  After all, there will be a pretty sweet finish line party at BOTH races that I need to be in shape for. 

I knew I had to switch it up, so for one night, I RAN FREE!  I unplugged from all the gadgets and gizmos that I usually have.  No Garmin.  No apps.  No tracking.  I just went outside and ran.  It was exactly what I needed.  I finished 10 miles, in the dark, in a few hours.  And it's okay that I don't know each and every split.  I honestly had no idea what mile was where, and that was okay too.

Running is my happy place.  It's where I think and where I decompress.  It's where I reset and get ready for the week ahead.  Lately, because I've been recovering from injury and really starting from the ground up, I've been a little hyper-focused on miles and times and paces.  Last night, though, I just ran. 

I highly encourage you to do it!  Run free!  Then come home, plug in your Garmin, and gear up for the next perfectly planned tempo workout :).

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