Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week In Review: 3/26/17

Gotta keep myself accountable. Here's my week in review:

Sunday: Taught HIIT (it was my 'rest day' so I kept it light)
Monday: Insanity Max 30
Tuesday: Insanity Max 30 & short family run
Wednesday: Insanity Max 30 & Taught BodyPump and Trigger Point
Thursday: Insanity Max 30 & Taught BodyPump
Friday: Unintentional rest day-ish (was having technical difficulties in my home gym--got my heart rate up, but it wasn't the greatest)
Saturday: FIRST LONG RUN!!!!! (4 miles)

I'm actually feeling really good getting back outside and running. I wish I had more time to build a base before jumping into training, and I wish I had more time to do a better progression on the long run. This is where I am, though, and it feels great just to have a focus again. I know that I won't be breaking any PRs during the Tink half, but I feel like if I focus and train properly I can get through it successfully. I missed one planned run due to helping out at work and teaching an extra class. No worries, though. I got this!

My focus for this next week is going to be recovery. I need to stretch more, roll more, and get my recovery nutrition working for me.

How did your week go? Any big successes?

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