Friday, March 24, 2017

Half Marathon Training Plan for Tink

Well, since I bit the bullet and registered for Tink, I guess I should start training, right? I have some personal motivation for doing this race, but really let's be honest: it's all about the bling! I knew when they released those pretty medals I needed to add them to my collection.

One other big reason, though, is I want to run a faster race to use for proof of time. Of course to do that it would be helpful to train properly. No use crying over spilled milk, right? So here we go, diving into my training plan to get ready for Tink in 7 weeks!

I'm working backwards, aiming for a 10 mile long run on May 6th. I'll be doing my long runs on Saturdays since I teach a HIIT class on Sunday mornings. I'm hoping the weather starts to cooperate a little more. We've had a few nice days after the blizzard last week, so if this keeps up life will be good!

Short runs are important too, so my goal is a Tuesday/Thursday short run. I'll run outside if I can or at the gym if I have to. Luckily Robby adores going to the nursery at the gym, because I'm going to have to rely on that if Bill is on the road. Our town just isn't very conducive to running on the road with a toddler in a stroller.

My schedule is going to be tight. I'm hoping that muscle memory is strong and my body just knows what to do when I lace up those shoes. Guess I won't know, though, until I get out on the road for my first long run this weekend. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it!

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