Saturday, November 1, 2014

What Runners Do Today

Okay...maybe not every runner, but this is what I DO as a runDisney runner.  It's the day after Halloween, so that means costume sales!!!!  I always try to think ahead to what races are coming up and what I might do for costumes.  Then, I hit those seasonal Halloween stores.  Parts like gloves, tights, even full costumes are on sale.  This is the perfect time to stock up.

What's on your runDisney race calendar?  Think through those costumes and get shopping today!  (BTW, anyone else struggling with costumes for Star Wars weekend?  I think there are TOO MANY options for that one!) 


  1. I'm not doing Star Wars. I opted instead for the Rock and Roll Arizona that same weekend. I've been giving Disney way too much money for races lately. Besides, I kind of want to see the medal and the route before I commit to Star Wars. I do have Avengers coming up very quickly. That costume is done.

    1. Avengers should be lots of fun with great costumes! Funny enough, I'll be doing RnR Vegas instead of Avengers! LOL