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Throwback Thursday: 2013 Wine & Dine Half Race Report, The Half Marathon

It's almost here!  Actually, as you read this, we are probably on the plane on our way to Disney World to take on the 2014 Wine & Dine Half Marathon!  I can't wait to party all night.  Why?  Because last year I felt so terrible afterwards that we had to skip out on the after party :(  Boooooooo Hissssssss.  Not this year though!  I learned my lesson!  Here's a recap of my mistakes, and the overall great race.  Enjoy!

Original Post: December 5, 2013

Race Report: Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2013--Part 3: The Half Marathon...

 already since we are now almost 4-weeks post race, but here's my story anyways :)
My hubby flew in that morning; my mom and I did the 5k.  We spent the day at Hollywood Studios, and had a late lunch.  I really, really tried to limit my time on my feet (honestly, I did), and we tried to get in a little nap before the race.  I got a few minutes of sleep, but I was so excited it did no good.  The alarms went off and we were up getting ready around 6:00.

We boarded the buses between 7 & 7:30.  I instantly noticed a difference from the January races; people were awake, chatty, and ready to party!  I was super excited because I was mid-Dopey-training and was going to set my sights on a PR.  I felt great, the weather was good (slightly warm and humid, but almost perfect), and everything seemed to fit for a great run!

Ready to run!
We arrived at the staging area and people were really buzzing.  I stood in a long line for the bathroom then we checked our bags.  I noticed the beefed up security post-Boston, but it didn't bother me much.  We had planned to meet-up with some groups, but the bathroom lines were so long, it was impossible.  I waited one more time in the corral area for the bathroom and then lined up in corral C.
Disney had new corralling for this race; smaller (500 in each for the first few) and more frequent releases at the start.  Corral C is what would have been the back of A in previous years.  Truth be told, I had that moment of "whoa...I'm with the 'real runners'.  I don't belong here!"  I sat for about 15 minutes before the hype started up and we were getting ready to go.  I was feeling a little tired, but figured that would pass as soon as we got started.  Fanfare, A, B, then we were off!

I was really looking forward to this race: 3 parks, nighttime, food & wine at the end.  I coasted out pretty quickly and found the course really was nicely spaced out.  I never ran into the usual Disney overcrowding and there were very few run-walk-run-ers around.  My race plan was to run steady, walk through water stops, grab a clif shot when they were offered, and attempt a PR.  Here is what I remember of the run:
Mile 1: side stitches--ouch!  Just keep running your pace; it will pass (and it did)
Mile 2: WooHoo!  Feeling great, on pace for a sub-2:00 race, not breathing hard
Mile 3: Wow--look at all those people behind me...I'm really toward the front of the pack!  (I think somewhere in there we were close to the Animal Kingdom)
Mile 4: I think I ate too much today; I'm not feeling well; this necklace is making me gag; I think I'm going to throw up; rip this necklace off!
Mile 5: Don't throw up
Mile 6: Don't throw up
Mile 7: Don't throw up
Mile 8: Don't throw up (oh, and don't take that gel either, that will make you throw up)
Mile 9: Don't throw up
Mile 10: Don't throw up
Mile 11: Don't throw up, but maybe drink a little water--Ooooo...Osbourne lights!  They ARE amazing!
Mile 11.29: Yes, I remember looking down at my Garmin at this exact moment and thinking, "You idiot!  You ran a 5k this morning, walked around all day, and now you're running a half marathon at close to midnight.  I want to be done with this race!"
Those thoughts consumed me pretty much until the end.  13.1 miles, built up for years as the runDisney event that is everyone's favorite.  I was miserable.  I finished in 2:13; not the worst race ever, but far from the glory that I was expecting.

I got my medal, my snacks, my drinks, my bag and headed out toward the finish line party.  My plan had been to do a wipe-down in the bathroom to change and wait for my husband, but that didn't happen.  I found some grass and planted myself in the grass.  I was wet and freezing!  This was a bad idea--I should have stuck to my original plan of changing right away.  I tried drinking little sips of PowerAde and water (I didn't even open the wine).  I tried to slowly chew some chips, thinking it was the closest to a saltine cracker to settle my stomach.  I debated over and over whether or not to get up and get to a bathroom.  I was too afraid that the moment I stood up I'd be sick.  I sat in the grass, freezing, soaked in sweat for about 20 minutes before I decided I had to get up and change.  By that time, my hubby had finished, so I stood to the side and waited for him.  He immediately knew I did not feel well; I could barely stand.

We made our way to the Epcot bathrooms, passing many people who looked like they were in rough shape too.  I changed out of my wet clothes and felt slightly better; I wish I had brought warmer clothes.  I definitely underestimated how cold I would be after the race.  Billy changed too, and then we sat outside the bathrooms for about an hour.  I wanted to go into the party so badly, but my stomach wouldn't do it.  We finally decided just to take the buses back to the hotel.  Huge disappointment--I really wanted to go to the after party.  I made Billy promise we could come back and do this race again in the future so we could plan better.  Add insult to injury--I got the prize for the worst wife that night, when I was so consumed with my own misery that I never asked him about his race.  He did really well; no PR but close and he ran the entire time (no run-walk intervals).  I hate that I didn't ask.  He is amazing and so supportive of me all the time; I was a big poo and didn't even acknowledge his victory :(

Now that you know all about my miserable night, I have to say, it is not a fault of the race itself. I loved being able to run through 3 parks.  The smaller corrals worked wonderfully (though to be fair, I was toward the front so I have no idea about people behind me).  I found little to no crowding on the course.  The Osbourne lights were literally breathtaking.  I wish I had more time to see them.  I loved some of the nighttime effects, like the disco-ball costuming area and the laser lights.  There were a few dark spots that slowed me down, but overall, it was a very entertaining course.  As always, the volunteers were awesome, the medals were great, and the organization of the event was spot-on.  The port-o-potty lines were a bit long before the race, so I'm not sure if they just didn't have enough or if I'm just impatient.  In summation: great race, I'm not a night runner, I should have had more fun, and I'll be back!

Finally drank our finish-line wine 5 days later!

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