Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pre-Race Reality Check

Wine & Dine is over (I promise a race report is coming soon) and now I'm onto the next one: The 2014 Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half.  I'm pretty tired from the fun of the Disney race and weekend.  I definitely did something wrong at that race because my back is killing me.  I also registered for Goofy so I have a ton of training ahead of me. 

As I picked up my bib last night (and realized that I am corralled WAY too far up), I thought back to when I registered for this race. I registered the night before the Disneyland Half Marathon with the thought that I'd "have fun" at Wine and Dine, then turn around and race Vegas.  I had grand ideas of chasing 2 hours again.

Tonight, I sit here and pray just to finish the race under 2:30.  Yep, 2:30.  I'm not even close to where I was before surgery.  It's a huge reality check for me.  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  I know I need to get back to a doctor and figure out some next steps.  Surgery clearly didn't provide the relief I was hoping for (in brief, they just removed some floating pieces of cartilage; I still have a huge hole in my cartilage).  Damn.  I was hoping I wouldn't need more procedures.

I'm working on coming up with a new training plan, incorporating more PiYo for stretching and strength.  I know Goofy is going to be really slow.  I thought I'd be racing by Surf City Half, but now I'm not sure about that either.  It's going to be a much longer road than I anticipated.  BooHooooo.  I'm done complaining.  :)

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