Thursday, June 5, 2014

Road to Recovery--Week 1

Injuries happen.  Yes, even to those who are well conditioned and workout all the time.  Since this is my reality, I thought I’d start a weekly post on the road to recovery.  It’s not a “how to”, instead it’s a “this is where I am and where I’m headed”.  Might even be a little selfish and serve as a "keep your head up" for myself.  I WILL be ready for the 2014 Dumbo Double Dare, and I hope it won’t be a terrible day, but rather a celebration of really hard work.  Anyone can train for and run a race, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this road to recovery might be even harder.  So here it is: week one on the way back to running:

Wednesday—started at home physical therapy.  Nothing fancy; just some leg lifts, half squats, range of motion.  After my exercises, I was in a ton of pain!  I couldn’t even walk up the stairs to go to bed.  I was worried.

Thursday—bad day of pain.  I finally put my foot down with the doctors at urgent care and demanded an MRI and a visit with a specialist.  It didn’t take much convincing.  I did my exercises again, this time with a few glasses of wine (we’re being honest here, right).  Yes, for the record, it helped.

Friday—got an MRI.  Won’t get the results for a while.  Pain is much better.

Saturday—went to the gym.  First time on the bike, no resistance.  I made it 12 whole minutes, but I had to stop a few times.  Also did my exercises at the gym.  Also spent a few hours dancing with the Be Bad Hip Hop girls to review choreography.  I barely moved around, but I was in a ton of pain when I was done.  Hope I didn’t overdo it. 

Sunday—went to the gym again.  Much better today.

Monday—I couldn’t find a sub, so I taught my Be Bad Hip Hop class, sort of.  I warned my students via Facebook and my class delivered!  I did it at about 50%, and it was pretty painful.  I also received some bad news with my MRI; I tore cartilage in my knee.  I will have to wait a week to figure out what the next steps are.

Tuesday—I spent the day doing nothing.  Lots of the same as far as pain, but since I know it’s a tear, I don’t want to risk doing more damage until I see the doctor.

Wednesday—ditto! (and that’s kind of my plan for the rest of the week, too).

Well, I started this post thinking I'd be writing a chronology of my own therapy adventures, yet Monday’s results derailed the plan.  My hand (which I also sprained in the fall) feels much better.  I’m going to give it until Saturday, then try to do some weights.  Other than that and maybe a little biking, I’m going to try and be a good patient.  No pushing it, and I’m really just trying to rest.  I hope the rest doesn’t equate to weakness going into treatment. 

Have you ever fallen while running?  Ever needed surgery? 

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