Thursday, June 19, 2014

Making the Most of My Microwave

Since being injured, I've been really off my game as far as my nutrition.  I've gained quite a few pounds and have definitely let my emotions control my eating.  Working out, whether running or teaching classes at the gym, has been so ingrained in my life that I can usually get by with some extra calories (within reason).  31 days and counting of no exercise and I'm doomed.

In an effort to try and get (even just slightly) back on track, I've been trying to eat in more and "cook".  Yes, I use "cook" in quotes because my idea of cooking is about as basic as it gets!  Last night, I was running low on the groceries and it was getting late.  The perfect combo for a quick trip to eat out, but I resisted.  Instead, I thought I'd put my favorite kitchen appliance, the microwave, to good use.  So... here it is! My healthy microwave meal, in just a little more than 10 minutes!  Now THAT is my kind of cooking!

First, I used Ziploc Zip N' Steam bags to steam up some chicken breasts (yes, I even make enough for leftovers).  5 minutes, and boom... done!  These are awesome for so much in the kitchen, and they even have the cooking times printed right on the bag!

Next, some grains.  Love those 90 second packs.  Just split open the top, 90 seconds in the microwave, and 2 perfect servings of quinoa and brown rice!

Finally, veggies.  Yep, I used a steam bag for those too!  6 minutes for perfectly cooked broccoli.

Okay... it's not the most exciting thing, but it did the trick.  A healthy meal, prepared quickly, and with very few dishes to clean up.  See... easy as pie! Mmmm...pie...

What are you favorite easy meals?  I clearly need some help! 

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