Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Woes of a Cross-Country Move

Do you know what happens when you are moving your whole family clear across the country? Well, I can tell you what DOESN'T happen: working out and eating clean!

We are finally packed up and the move is here. We're in our new home, and by "in" I mean the truck is here full of our stuff and the house is empty, needing a deep clean, and not quite ready to go. I've been sleeping on a couch for almost a week, Robby is a cranky mess (because try explaining to a 6 month old why his world is completely upside down...the boy just doesn't get it), and needless to say, I haven't even made a to-do list because the thought is overwhelming.

One to-do that I'm really excited about, though, is getting back to my healthy, fit self. I've slipped. Maybe slipped isn't even the right term. I went head first down a steep mountain filled with boulders. Between packing, finishing up at work, not having any sort of normalcy, and days of eating out as fast as possible, I'm a mess!

What's a girl to do? Go EXTREME! Yes, tomorrow I'm starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme--all of it--from the meal plan to the workouts to the Shakeology. Of course, that means I have to find it in the boxes today, but I digress. I will be finished just in time to meet up with my friends and fellow coaches at Beachbody's Summit in Nashville, plus it's the perfect way to kick off my delayed training for the Disneyland races in September.

There's no more excuses! I can't keep putting this off--it's not good for my health, which is not good for my family. SO...here goes nothing!

I'll be doing some blogging here about the next 21 days, but be sure to follow me on Facebook for daily updates :) Using the social media thing to keep me accountable!!!

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