Sunday, July 10, 2016

My First Run in a New Town

Well, the move is complete. I'm currently writing to you from the great state of New York. It's quite the change from Las Vegas in so many ways. We're not even kind of sort of unpacked. Had a bit of drama during the move (the truck broke down), and if I thought packing was hard with an infant, unpacking is nearly impossible! Robby is just off--but of course he is, because it's not like he understands what's going on. I think we've finally adjusted to the new timezone, but getting on a schedule is far from reality.

EEK! Super blurry, but you get the picture
Today, though, I finally bit the bullet and went out for a run. It was awesome! Of course, I never thought that I'd be so behind on unpacking so I didn't set aside my running shoes or my Garmin. I know, I don't know what I was thinking!!! I had a pair of New Balance running shoes that I wear to the gym and just hanging around, so those were my shoes for today. Luckily I only really packed workout clothes anyway to wear while moving, so I had plenty of those. I also had to download the Run Keeper app to track my mileage.

A quick social media shout out and a few minutes on Google and I had a solid plan for where I would run. My immediate area is not really conducive to running with an infant--no sidewalks, lots of hills and blind spots for drivers, plus terrible cell phone reception (which is important when you still rely on GPS to get you home from pretty much everywhere). I did find a biking, running, walking path about 12 miles from my house. I, of course, prefer the convenience of starting my run from my front door, but an 11 mile paved path is awesome when you have no clue where you live.
Robby clearly was super excited to run!

Along with this being my first run at our new home, this was also my first run with Robby. He's 6 months old now and has amazing head and trunk control, so we are in the clear for the impact of running--I'm planning on a separate post for that info!

I did a quick (or rather, not so quick) 3 miles today. My main deterrent from going longer was the simple fact of I had to pee! I'm not used to having no other option other than to drive home to use a bathroom. I figure I need to get started on some back to back runs for Dumbo prep, so I plan to get 6 miles in tomorrow.

It really felt great to be on the road again. I remember why I love to run, but I hate that it's been so long since I've trained consistently. I ran at a pretty consistent 12 min/mile pace, but had to take some walk breaks in there. I definitely need to buckle down and stick to a schedule now. There's not much time before fall races begin. I have 3 halves, 1 10k, and 1 5k already on the calendar. I better get to it!

New York has such a great running community. I can't wait to make some connections and really get out and run!

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