Friday, April 29, 2016

runDisney Goes Virtual

Yep, it's official. runDisney is doing a virtual race series. Yep, it's also official. They've lost their minds. C'mon...really? The whole fun of doing Disney races is actually running AT Disney! Although I have some real "characters" in my neighborhood, they aren't quite the same as having Mickey at the finish line.

In case a virtual run series intrigues you, you can find all the information HERE. In short, there are 3 5ks that must be completed within a certain time frame. They even added a challenge if you want to pay $142 for doing all 3. You don't have to prove that you ever really did anything, and you get a medal for all the races plus a virtual bib.

Clearly this is a test of the market--the turnaround time for the start is very quick and the rumors only started recently. Virtual runs are popular, I guess, and this is another way for Disney to make a quick buck. As my mom says, it'll just make my stock go up!

Truth be told, I don't like any virtual races. I just kind of don't get it. Bill and I ran the inaugural Christmas Story run virtually, and even though we did it together, it just didn't feel very race-like. At the end of it, I really felt like I just paid for a medal and a shirt, but maybe that's just me.

It'll be interesting to see how this pans out. Will it be a hit or a flop? I'm a little surprised at how many people are planning to run these races (yes, even my mom considered it until she saw the price tag).

What do you all think? Good idea? What do you think about virtual races in general?

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