Monday, April 25, 2016

Progress Post: 4/25/16

I'm channeling my inner turtle lately--slow and steady wins the race, right? I was I had more "progress" to talk about, but really the only progress has been that I'm set to start Euflexxa injections in my knee. I saw the surgeon who did my surgery two years ago, and he's hoping that the extra lubrication that these injections will add will "get me over the hump" so I can workout more, lose the baby weight, and finally feel better.

This past week, I have to admit I didn't do much at all to make progress. I taught my 3 classes at the gym and did one walk with Robby. Food wasn't the best either. SO, why the heck even write a post about it? Well, I told myself I needed to stay accountable so here I am, being accountable.

I took some progress pictures, or rather, lack of progress pictures, and I plan to take my after shots in 6 weeks. Stay tuned for a (hopefully) noticeable transformation! For this week, I'm sticking strictly to the 21 Day Fix meal plan + Shakeology. I'm home alone with the baby pretty much the entire week, so my workouts will consist of walking with him and modified Beachbody workouts. Since my knee isn't up to any kind of heavy workouts, I'm going to take it slow and really work on my core and upper body. I also plan to incorporate some of the PT exercises I was doing after surgery. Can't hurt, right?

There you have it! Minimal progress, but a few steps in the right direction, nonetheless. How was your week?
Even Robby's less than impressed with my progress!

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