Friday, January 9, 2015

The Procrastinator's Guide to the WDW Marathon

I'm on my way to WDW, and thought I better at least post something about the upcoming WDW Marathon weekend.  Yes, I realize half of you are already there, the merchandise is all gone, and Dopey runners have already woken up way too early 2 mornings in a row.  BUT, this is the time the procrastinator runners are arriving and some first time marathoners who are coming "only" for the full or the half. 

First, remember you have to go to the expo in person to pick up your bib.  No more friends & family picking up for you.  We are down to the last few days, so here are your hours: Friday 9-7 & Saturday 10-4.  I'll be jamming to the expo straight from the airport, so if you see me dragging around my obnoxious hot pink luggage, you'll know why :)

Also new this year, all of you Dopey & Goofy runners need to have your picture taken at the expo to verify you are you when you cross the finish lines.  This always boggles my mind, because you know they do this out of necessity.  Who are these people who are cheating the system for a medal?  I just don't get it.  Why would you want the medal if you didn't complete the challenge? 

The races each start at 5:30.  Be sure to check with your hotel to verify bus schedules and pickup locations if you are taking a bus to the start.  It's early--you might not be awake enough to figure it out in the morning!

Finally, here are some tips for the night before to be ready to go!
1.  Plug everything in and make sure they are charging (I-pods, cameras, phones, Garmin, etch)
2.  Set a few alarms.  This just helps me sleep better knowing if one fails, I have a back-up.
3.  Lay out your clothes--you may not even know what your underwear is that early!
4.  Pin your bib on your shirt.  Again, your eyes will barely be open.  Try to get that bib straight at 2:30 am... good luck!
5.  Get to bed early!  I try to plan for 8 hours of sleep.  Even if I don't end of falling asleep, I'm in bed, face washed, in my jammies, and resting. 

Good luck runners!  I hope to meet many of you on the course this weekend. 

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