Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Plan to Get Back on Track for 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!  2014 was so crazy I barely have had time to get a list of resolutions together.  Luckily, tomorrow's "Friday Five" is about goals, so I'll save that post until tomorrow.

Today, though, I'm planning how I'm getting back on track after a bit too much of indulging over the holidays.  Of course, it won't be a straight path, since I have 3 race weekends in January that include travel (it sounded so good when I planned the races). 

I have a ton of friends who have had great success with the 21-Day Fix program.  Since becoming a Beachbody coach, I've been wanting to try this program, but knew I wouldn't do the workouts.  Between teaching classes, doing PiYo at home, and running I don't know when I'd fit in another home workout.  Then, as if it was made just for me, Beachbody came out with Portion Fix, which is just the nutrition part of the 21-Day Fix.  Perfect!  My kit arrives Wednesday, along with the 3-Day Refresh.  I'm super excited to get started.  Nutrition has always been my struggle, and I know that losing some pounds will definitely help my knees and my running.  I want to get back to running faster, and this is definitely a key component.

In addition, to keep me motivated, I've organized and joined another Diet Bet.  It's worked for me before, and I get to help others while doing it.  It's seriously a win, win (and lose).  Love it!  (By the way, if you want to join, here's the link: I'd love to have blogging friends join me--invite your friends too!).

The hardest part, for sure, is going to be NOT going crazy during my two Disney trips.  For the Goofy Challenge, I'm only there for 3 days, but I'm sure I'll have a treat or two.  The following weekend I'll be traveling to Disneyland with my hubby and friends for Star Wars.  This trip will be harder!

I'm not setting a strict number goal, because I know that it's not just about weight, but I know I have at least 20 pounds I can lose.  I'm going to focus more on eating whole, clean foods, cutting out the quick and easy solutions like the occasional fast food or the more frequent frozen lunches.  Who knows...maybe I'll learn to cook in 2015! :)

Happy 2015!  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me...and for you! 

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