Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five: Free Friday!

I'm linking up again with the ladies from Eat Pray Run DC, You Signed Up For What, & Mar On The Run.  This weeks topic--free!  Anything we want :). Don't forget to check out their blogs and the other blogs linking up this week!

So... I was thinking about goals.  I've really fallen off the health and fitness wagon with this injury.  I've allowed myself to overindulge and I've gained a lot of weight!  EEK!  So, what better time than now to re-focus on some goals to get me through the end of 2014.  So for my free Friday, here are my new goals:

1.  Lose weight.  To be more exact, to lose 17 pounds by the New Year. 

2.  Train to PR my half marathon--and go for a sub-2:00 half!  I've been chasing this goal for a long time, but with my recent injury I'm not sure how long this will take.

3.  Register and plan for all the races to qualify for Half Fanatics (I'll still be running some of the races in 2015, but I want to at least know what I'm doing to qualify).

4.  Work on building my fitness business.  Some of this is just in my head by really nailing down a business plan, some includes actually starting to coach people in running, hosting diet bets (yep... the first bet is coming soon--stay tuned), and explore other business opportunities. 

5.  Blog at least 4-5 days per week.  Okay, okay, at least 5 days. 

Do you set goals?  Are you needing to lose some weight?  What about reach some PRs?  Tell me about it!  Also, check back for info on my first time hosting a Diet Bet!

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  1. great goals! I too suffered an injury and gained some weight as a result. I'm still trying to get back on track with it all! thanks for linking up!