Monday, August 11, 2014

Do I have enough “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust”?

Tomorrow, I will be trying to win a precious spot in the Tinkerbell 10k in 2015.  I’m prepared to register.  I have my active account all set.  If I get in, this will be my first ever 10k, my first timed race.

I only have two 5ks under my belt (both with Disney) and loved doing both of them.   I’m doing my 3rd at the Disneyland Half weekend.  This will be my first race “alone” without my daughter pushing me.   To me, that’s anxiety enough, but a 10K?  Part of me knows if I set my mind to it, it will happen.  The other part of me fears I won’t finish.   Is that fear motivation enough?
I am totally in awe of runners who continually do these races and challenges.  I am inspired by my daughter who effortlessly finished the Dopey Challenge.  For me, the 5k has been my challenge. 

Turning 60 next month has really “messed with my head”.   I thought it was a good idea to set a goal for a 10k in my 60th year!   Now, I’m second guessing my decision. 

The race takes place on Mother’s Day weekend and it would be the first Mother’s Day I’ve spent with my Aly since she moved to Vegas about 10 years ago!   More motivation…well, I could always do another 5k or just go and chEAR her on, but that wouldn’t be a challenge.  The biggest challenge would be to get fast enough to run the race with her and not slow her down (Even though, right now with her post surgery rehab, I’m faster than she is!  Sorry Aly, I couldn’t resist.  This may be the only time in my life I can actually say that!)

I will have to be quick on the button, no hesitations.   Alyson has already instructed me how to be ready to jump on registration.  I guess the only way to get past my fears is to sign up and go from there.   I’ve got plenty of time to train.   

I guess that settles it.   I’m putting on my wings and flying through Disneyland.  Now all I have to do is “win” my spot on August 12

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