Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Reviews-day: Blue Bayou

Continuing on with some of our favorites at the Disneyland Resort, we could not even think of continuing without highlighting the Blue Bayou, possibly the most popular of eateries in the whole resort.  First, if this is your first visit to the Land, this is a must-do!  Go make your reservations now!  Now that that's out of the way, let's give you an official review.

The Blue Bayou is located inside New Orleans Square in the Disneyland park, and the restaurant is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Yep, you are part of the scenery as you eat your lunch or dinner while boats full of park-goers pass you by.  The menu is a limited prixfixe menu and varies from lunch to dinner.  Don't worry, everything is absolutely delicious, so you're sure to find something you'll love. 

One of the most popular dishes is the Monte Cristo sandwich.  Yes, it's huge and we don't even want to start to calculate the calories.  This delicious sandwich is made up of ham, turkey, swiss cheese, and french toast which all gets deep fried and topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  Add on some blackberry preserves and it is pure heaven!  Seeing as this is a running blog, fair warning: some dishes such as the Monte Cristo are not the best option before running, nor are they great too soon after.  This would make a great celebratory dinner after your achievement that evening or even the day after.

Celebrating Bill's 30th at Blue Bayou
A few more notes: there is no alcohol served at this restaurant.  If you want a drink, you will have to visit other areas of the resort.  While not scary or creepy, this restaurant is very low-lit and may be frightening to children who are really scared of the dark.  Definitely make reservations--it's almost guaranteed that you won't get in during busy days without a prior reservation.  You can make reservations up to 60 days in advance either online or by phone.  Visit www.disneyland.com for details.  Finally, this is not the most economical of meals; expect to spend $30+ per person.  We would highly recommend the Blue Bayou for a date night, special occasion celebration, or as a way to celebrate a successful runDisney race weekend!


  1. We used to go to Blue Bayou when I was a kid. I haven't gone for years. I think the prices must have gone super high, from my family being able to all go together for dinner back in the day, to me choking at looking at what they charge just for lunch nowadays. It's definitely an A for atmosphere, though!

    1. Special event kind of place for sure! But we never hesitate to splurge on food--this blog should be called Disney runs and EATS in the family...lol...