Monday, July 14, 2014

So You Want To Run Disney--Part 7: Get Packing!

We've been on a long journey, and we are almost to race day.  If you are like most Disney runners, your race is accompanied by some sort of travel, even if only for an overnight or short weekend.  Likely, this trip includes some time in the Disney parks as well.  What does that mean for your suitcase?  Well, it means lots of planning to be sure you attend to all of your needs: running AND vacationing.  Here's a list to get you started (feel free to print, share, re-post, pin, etc).   

My one golden rule for races: pack everything you will need for the race in your carry-on! From underwear to shoes to clothing to costumes.  You can pretty much buy anything else you forget, but you don't want to be stuck running a marathon in brand new expo purchases!

Blogger note: Yes, I'm still working on getting this in a nice format for you to be able to edit and print.  I promise to have it done in plenty of time for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

Running Gear (Remember to multiply this for challenge weekends.  For example, for the Dopey Challenge, I had 4 of everything but shoes--but I even alternated between two pairs)
I also love flip flops for right after the race!
Sports Bra
Running Shoes
Throwaway Clothes (for the start)

Things to Keep You Healthy
Vitamins & medications
Foam roller or stick
Golf ball/tennis ball for feet (this is great even if for non-race Disney trips to ease feet from walking around the parks)
KT Tape (or other bracing/stability items)
Ibuprofen never know!
Muscle rub (I use Muscle Max roll-on, but I know a lot like BioFreeze)
Compression socks/sleeves

Food (Differs based on how far you need to travel)
Water/water bottles (to refill)
Breakfast items for race day (for me, PB&J on a bagel and a banana)
Healthy snacks for the park (think bars, trail mix, dry cereal, fruit)
Powerade or other replacement drinks
Gels/Blocks/Beans--whatever you use during the run
Post-race fuel, especially for challenges (I use chocolate milk)

Camera and charger
Garmin or other race watch and charger
I-Pod/music device and charger
Gym Boss or other interval timer and charger/extra batteries
Video Camera and charger
Phone and charger
Laptop/tablet and charger

Park Clothes
Sneakers (I like to have a different pair than those I run in to change the feel on my feet)
Flip flops/sandals
Bathing suit (one or two)
Pajamas (one or two)

Hair ties/clips/hats
Have to recover quickly & hit the parks!
Mouse ears or other Disney-themed items
Backpack/bag for the parks
Magic Bands (Walt Disney World) 

Face Wash
Body Wash
Razors/Shaving Cream
Body/Face Lotion
Hair brush
Curling Iron/Straighter
Hair gel/Hair Spray
First Aid Kit
Q-Tips/Cotton Balls
Contact Lens Solution/Case
Extra Contact Lenses
Nail Clippers/Nail File
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Wipes

Travel Items (Disney makes some great mobile tools, or you can create your own)
Confirmation numbers and/or tickets
Magazines, books, other "keep busy" items for travel
Games, music, movies downloaded to keep you entertained
Coupons or vouchers (for example, I always get my free art card from Lasting Commemoratives)

Okay, okay, I know I must have forgotten something! What's on your list?


  1. Generally I'll put together outfit by outfit. It's easier than trying to count things like socks and underwear later, and I'm less likely to forget to add things. I used to travel relatively often, so I keep small travel bags under the bathroom sink that are already packed with things like my travel toothbrush and toothpaste. I have one bag that's the ziplock full of the liquids you have to pull out for security, one makeup pouch with "girl stuff" like sanitary napkins and tampons. (Even if the calendar disagrees, I throw the stuff in my suitcase anyway). A third one with the stuff like bobby pins, safety pins, hair ties, and travel sized aspirin, pepto chews, cotton balls and q-tips etc. Then all I really have to pack toiletry-wise ahead of time is my actual makeup that I put on the morning I'm getting on the plane.

    1. Awesome tips! I have some stuff I keep in my travel bag under the sink too. If it's longer than a weekend, I just check all my liquids. I plan outfits too, just not the undergarments :)

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