Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Star Wars Weekend Finally Announced

Have you been glued to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram this morning?  If not, then boy do I have news for you!  runDisney started all sorts of teasers for the inaugural Star Wars race.  It started simply on Facebook with confirmation that a Star Wars race would be coming; a great Darth Vader short video clip.  (Yep, hooked us all in)

Then it continued on Twitter, where official dates were announced: January 15-18 2015

Finally, they took out the mystery of the location with a pic on Instagram, with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background.

Well played, runDisney, well played. We are now all buzzing about this race, and no doubt this will be a huge, fast sellout! 

Update:  It's up on the website.  Check out www.rundisney.com for all the details.  Registration opens June 10th...and there's a 10k/Half challenge!  I'm warming up my credit card as we speak!

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  1. I'm really surprised at how ambivalent I am about this one. It's in my town, so I should be over the moon, but I've been considering heading to AZ to do the PF Changs Rock and Roll in Phoenix and it's the same weekend. I think Disney has just worn me out. Go figure. Who ever would believe that could happen?