Thursday, March 19, 2020

What now?

Disney is closed. Gyms are closed. I know, this does seem trivial in the bigger picture of people's health and lives, but for many of us, these things are deeply ingrained in our happiness and self care.

Today marks 42 days until our planned Disney World trip. We have a fun, split-stay trip planned, fast passes done, matching shirts, dining reservations, flights, everything. Today is also the day that we are most likely canceling our trip. With my part time work gone and Bill officially furloughed until his company can be up and running, we have to trim every penny, like so many others. Our overly extravagant Disney vacation is a clear cut that we will have to make. Fortunately, we have not activated our annual passes yet, and we have the opportunity to reschedule for a future date. I know many of my runDisney friends are uneasy about Star Wars weekend, and just awaiting that very likely announcement of it's cancellation. Again, I know it's trivial, but when you plan and prepare for something for so long, disappointment and sadness are natural feelings.

What I am learning through this, though, is that I have a need to be a helper. My purpose is and has always been to help people. It is what drives me, and in times like these, I feel that need even more. In my fitness life, I've been sharing resources for home workouts. Last night, I ran my first live group fitness class from my home. I plan to do more as soon as I can figure out my work from home schedule and what I really need to do to keep us afloat during these trying times. (Shoot me a friend request on FB, follow me, follow the page, connect on IG--I'd love to share lots of these resources with you)

So what now? I guess we just continue helping our neighbors, try to stay positive, and look forward to better times. We follow the guidelines of the medical professionals. We pray. We smile for our kids, we laugh when we really want to cry, and we give thanks for everything we do have. Most importantly, we take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. So, with that, please eat well. Take vitamins. Exercise. Have fun. Sleep.

Remember, as Dory said, "Just keep swimming."

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Vacation Shirt Planning Tool

As everyone heads to WDW for another race weekend, I'm stuck at home just dreaming and counting down to our next trip. If you've been following along on Instagram, you know that I have a new toy! I just got a Cricut Explore Air 2, so of course I've been Disney-fying everything I can. This also means that I am on matching t-shirt mode for our next trip. As any good planner does, I've also been obsessively planning each day, the materials needed, sizes, colors, all of it! To get myself organized, I created a simple planning template. Print it. Use it. Change it (after saving on your own, of course). I hope you find it helpful!

It's time, princess!

Calling all princesses! Your time is here!

I can't say I'm not a little jealous of all of those headed to the world for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I have only run this weekend once, but I am excited to return in 2021.

If you are on your way, best of luck! I'll be cheering you on from home. Need a little extra inspiration or excitement? Here's a throwback Thursday for you! Disney went all out on themeing in 2015--it truly was frozen! I remember wearing every layer I brought for the 5k. Happy race recap reading!

Princess 5K 2015

Princess 10K 2015

Princess Half Marathon 2015

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Top Tips for Traveling with a Baby (or Toddler)

Recently, I have become the go-to tagged person to give some Disney advice for babies and toddlers. I guess it's no secret that we love Disney and do not subscribe to the "wait until they can remember it" thinking. We have taken both boys before they even turned one; Robby made it to both Disneyland and Disneyland Paris before that milestone birthday. Of course they won't remember it, but we will, and we'll have stories and pictures to share. I may be biased, because I was definitely "born and raised" Disney, but if you have the means, take the trip!

Robby in Paris!
While I could go on forever on how to make it the best trip ever, I narrowed it down to my top ten tips for traveling with babies and toddlers to a Disney resort. Let me know anything I missed!

1. Use the Baby Care Centers! These are special rooms located in each park (check the park map for exact locations). They are quiet, cool, and relaxing. I have personally nursed babies many times here, plus they have nice changing areas that are much less crazy than the regular bathrooms. You can also warm food, set your littles up in a proper high chair, and some even have small tables and chairs to let them watch a cartoon. It's a great place to go if you (or your baby) are overwhelmed by the crowds and just need to catch your breath. The staff is always so sweet! You can also pick up any forgotten baby-specific items here, such as diapers or baby food. These are definitely underutilized! Check them out!

2. Bring your stroller! I prefer to travel with my running stroller because it's so easy to move, even though it is pretty big (okay, the double BOB is huge). You might be more of a "smaller is better" person, which is fine too. No matter how much your kid loves to walk or you love to carry them, I think a stroller is just necessary. BONUS TIP: Mark your stroller with a tag, ribbon, or balloon. Did you know that they often move strollers to keep the park traffic flowing? When you exit a ride or attraction, your stroller will probably have been moved. We have a sign that we hang from the handlebar and it helps us find ours easily in a sea of strollers.

3. Baby-wear! Wait, but didn't you just say bring a stroller? Of course, but I honestly do both. Using a carrier while you wait in line or eat at a restaurant (with a napping baby) is the best! Also, for some areas of the park, like Fantasyland, we will park our stroller and walk from ride to ride. Just be sure not to leave your carrier in your stroller; I have heard many stories of sticky fingers taking carriers (so sad, I know).

4. Use rider swap! I really need a write step-by-step how to on this one, but let's just say you can double your fast passes and completely master Disney by using Rider Swap. This program lets one part of your party stay with the little ones while the other rides the thrill rides. Then, you can swap and skip the line so the other party can ride. If you're traveling in a group, the lucky ones can even ride twice. Just see a cast member at the fast pass line entrance and make sure to bring your little one along. They will ask who is going first and who will swap, scan your magic band or give you a pass, and you are ready to swap and have some fun.

5. Plan for regular nap times. If your baby is great at sleeping in a stroller, this can be a great time to get in some rides that have a height requirement. We personally have always done well with having the boys sleep either in a stroller or carrier (versus going back to the room).

6. Know your limits! I think this is more for toddlers than babies, but know when they have just had enough. We have suffered from trying to push Robby a little too much on a trip. Take breaks at the pool. Sleep in. Go to bed early. We all know Disney isn't a relaxing vacation, but find ways to make sure everyone gets enough rest to have some fun.

7. Poop bags are life! If you have a little still in diapers, pack the disposable diaper bags (the small, individual tie ones). Being in a hotel room with a poopy diaper isn't fun for anyone!

8. Pack a reusable shopping bag. If you plan to take a stroller, you will inevitably end up with junk under it, strapped to it, on top of it, etc. To board Disney buses, you have to fold the stroller. We always carry along a shopping bag, then just toss everything in there quickly before folding the stroller. It's so much easier than trying to hold everything or (worse) find a spot to put things.

Ryan's First Haircut
9. Measure your kiddos at home! There are quite a few rides that have a lower height requirement (think Mine Train, not Splash Mountain). Don't set your littles up for disappointment. Know their height, and plan accordingly. Of course, we double checked, but we knew exactly what rides we could go on before we arrived.

10. Make some memories! There are so many special experiences you can do! From character meals to dress up experiences, the list is almost endless. You don't have to add anything on and still have an amazing trip, but if you want a few extras, Disney offers so many options. By far, though, our favorite is the first haircut at Walt Disney World's Harmony Barbershop. Both boys and our nieces have had their first haircut there. It was an amazing experience, surprisingly affordable, and sprinkled with magic like only Disney can do. Make sure you make your reservation ahead of time! They book up fast!

runDisney bonus tip: The kids races are awesome! Both boys have already done the Diaper Dash, and Robby has run the 100m a few times. In the upcoming year, we probably won't do every kids race, but they are another great value and a ton of fun for a race weekend.

I'd love to hear your questions and tips! What is your number one tip?

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Monday after...

The Walt Disney World Marathon weekend has come and gone. We weren't there, but were definitely cheering everyone on from home! I love seeing all the pictures, posts, and stories from friends and strangers alike.

From when I said, "Never again!"
Now that it's Monday, I'm sure some of you (like me) are high on pixie dust and ready to jump into another runDisney event! We are focused on the 2021 Marathon Weekend, with Kate taking on the marathon (her first!!!!) and with me being crazy and doing Dopey just one more time. (Anyone remember 2014? That "one and done" race? I lied, I guess!). We are also going to follow the race weekend up with a cruise, and yes, doing that challenge too. Starting in May we will also be APs, so expect to see us on every course from Wine and Dine 2020 through Star Wars 2021.

Since it's Monday, and we are all motivated, I figured I'd share some of what I'm doing to help coach Kate to the marathon! Here's our January focus:

  1. Build a good base and exercise habits. We are both focused on a few runs per week just to get in the habit of getting out there.
  2. Focus on nutrition and weight loss. It's hard to lose a ton of weight during a training cycle, and we don't want to have to focus on that when we're already focused on the miles. Dropping a few pounds in the next couple of months will only make training and running easier.
  3. Get started with a Disney budget! Maybe not the most fun, but we are both starting to save for our upcoming trips. 
  4. Start looking for proof of time races. We definitely want to have a proof of time so we have a little buffer for corrals.
So take that motivation, and let's do something with it. Who's running Disney soon? 

Friday, November 1, 2019

NYC Marathon Update!

Well, the easy part is over--I've raised $500 for Team for Kids and have my entry into this year's virtual NYC Marathon. Now I need to actually run it. Damn.

There is a definite laziness that comes along with a virtual race, for me anyway. I know that I just have to complete it (yes, in an allotted time), so I really don't care at all about my time. I also know that it is 26.2 miles, so even though I have a decent amount of time to do it, I still know it would be best to log some training. At least I know this in my head. In reality, I haven't taken this training seriously at all. Yes, I've done some running, but I would hardly call it training. I've done a few long runs, made it past the half-marathon mark, and even dragged the baby out with me for a few short distance runs. I think I did some speed training once a few months ago.

I had a brief moment of pride finishing my 16-miler, only because I seriously wanted to give up. And now, you can add "being sick" to the list of things against me tomorrow. I've seen a few runners barely make the cutoff and heard of many challenges. Truth is I have no idea what is in store for me. Doing this on your own with no race support, no crowds cheering, no anything is really a big task. I'm getting my fuel ready today, thinking through how I'm going to do my up-and-backs, and planning all the backup devices I can manage because if one fails, there's no way I can do another marathon on Sunday!

So, universe of running, reading, and friends, I ask that you say a little prayer or send a few good wishes to me tomorrow. I hope to report success on the other side!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

2020 Marathon Weekend Update!

Well, guess it's time to make it official--we will NOT be at marathon weekend in 2020! Sad faces for days!

There's good reason, though! We are now officially Walt Disney World AP holders, so we have WAY big plans for May 2020-21. This includes a very special running year for me!

As we were getting ready to celebrate Bill's big 4-0, I started to think about my own looming birthday (38 is a few weeks away). I wanted to do something big for my 40th, so why not do 40 races for my 40th? It perfectly coincides with our tenth wedding anniversary in May of 2020 (which obviously means an all-out crazy trip to Disney), so we scooped up annual passes at a discount and we are ready to start planning.

So, no races at the beginning of 2020, but we will be ready to go for 2021. On that note, we won't be coming down for Wine and Dine at all. Super sad faces...sort of! It's because I will be RUNNING NYC!!!! Yes, I have guaranteed entry to the 2020 NYC Marathon!!!!! Yes, I'm still freaking out a little. This is my dream race, and to get to do it as part of my 40 for my 40th is a dream come true!!! More on that later...

So, expect to see lots of support and tips, but you won't see us at the actual race. For those getting ready for marathon, Dopey, and Goofy, it's time to get training! You can find the official runDisney training plans HERE. Best of luck, and I'm always here to help! Who is getting ready for 2020?