Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Road to NYC: Week 1

 Is anyone here? Do people even read blogs anymore? Recently I've been feeling a lot of content ideas and creativity brewing. Podcast? YouTube? A beefed up Instagram? Maybe a Facebook group? I'm not sure where my creative juices will lead me, but it seemed natural (and let's face it, easy) to start here, the blog where it all began many moons ago.

When I started blogging, it was for myself, journaling my first Goofy Challenge. My first blog, entitled "Just Keep Swimming" was a training log. 

It seems like ages ago--there was no "Dopey" (in fact, I ran the 'unofficial Dopey' that year), I was childless (training without the strain of family life), and we can all relate to a life pre-Covid. No matter what your past year looked like, I'm sure it changed you in some way.

It just seems logical and/or poetic that I start blogging again in the same way I started: a chronical of my training toward a once impossible dream. For me, that dream has been the NYC Marathon. I have wanted to run this race for as long as I can remember (in running years), and my attempts at a lottery entry were denied year after year. In 2019, I scored a covetted 'guaranteed entry' bib for the virtual marathon. 26.2 miles on my own, but the reward was worth it! I earned my way into 2020. Then...2020. Living in New York, I knew it wasn't happening. I actually had even come to terms that 2021 wasn't happening, but here we are, mask free, ready to run in November! I didn't even have a hotel booked (don't worry, I have it now). 

This now presents me with an interesting task: actually train to run the race! I'm not in the best shape of my life, nor my worst, but regardless, you can't fake a marathon. I have lots of support and training races along the way, maybe even reinstating the '40 for my 40th' quest. Who knows?!?!

For now, training week 1 is done! I'm currently running 3 days per week and will ramp up to 4 once I unload a HIIT class to a collegue of mine at the gym. I'm trying to delicately balance overtraining and preparation, body composition and miles, carbs and protein. 

I wrote my own plan, and will incorporate speed work and hill training (sort of). I have the virtual Boston Marathon on the calendar, so I will definitley be trained up for 26.2. 

Week One:

5/5/8 (just mileage, no targetted workouts)

I feel good about pace (long run around 11:30), and have embraced running in shorts! Phew! That will make summer easier. 

I didn't do enough strength trianing this week. I did Les Mills Core twice (perfect), but nothing else. I need to be sure to get at least 2 other strength workouts in. Also did my HIIT classes for general fitness. It's hard being a fit pro and needing to do these things for work. 

Actually used my Theragun! Woohoo! I need more stretching, body work, foam rolling, and care. 

Mindset is awesome! More on this later, but I'm thinking of reframing the '40' goal, and my work is providing some great opportunities to spread my coaching wings. Let's be honest, all the runDisney talk has also reenergized me! Yes, the call is already in to our travel agent and Dopey is planned (if it's happening). 

How are YOU doing with your training? Let me know you're here!

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