Friday, August 13, 2021

5 Lessons Learned From The Olympics

*This was originally written for the monthly Sportpsplex Newsletter, where I have a little corner of space to ramble about fitness.**

Five years in the making, the Tokyo Olympics will go down in history like no other. In my house, we’ve had the games on everyday, and each event brings a new favorite for my boys. To hear the awestruck sound of, “Mommy, how do they do that?” is a daily reminder of the skill and talent of these athletes. As the games come to a close, I’m looking at the lessons these athletes taught us. Here are a few that come to mind:

  1. Adversity can lead to excellence: The stories of Olympians are rarely those of smooth sailing all the time. Whether it’s physical injury, childhood trauma, or even events during the games, overcoming these adversities is a theme amongst many of the athletes. We all face adversity, some bigger than others, but it’s part of the journey. 

  2. Every second counts: Races are won and lost in seconds. After what the world has been through, this lesson seems more important than ever! Make it count, every second of every day. 

  3. It’s a gift to share in the joy of others: It’s what makes the Olympics so much fun! While I’ll never actually know the feeling of winning Olympic gold, to share in the pure joy of that final dismount where the medal is won is such a special moment. These athletes share their joy with us, and for a moment, we share it with them. There is nothing better than sharing joy!

  4. Dreams can come true: Olympic dreams are deep, and these athletes have spent years getting to this one moment. They boldly tell others their dreams, they work tirelessly, and for these athletes, they prove that their dreams are reality.   

  5. And because Eliud Kipchoge says it better than me, “No Human is Limited” Wow! That statement, which is his tagline, is so powerful for so many moments in all of our lives. I know I’ve set limits on myself in work, in sport, even on some level in happiness. What if we could truly believe that there are no limits? What could be possible? 

This moment made me cry!

I know I’ve learned lessons in these games, but more importantly, I hope my kids learn these lessons too. As they tumble around the house, sprint outside in their “fast shoes”, and sing the song while waving flags, I hope they are dreaming big and realizing they are not limited.

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