Monday, July 20, 2020

A Tale As Old As (a proof of) Time

Once upon a time, a new mommy ran a few races in Disneyland. This new mommy had mom-brain, and forgot to enter proofs of time for herself and her husband. They both ended up in the last corral for the Disneyland Half Marathon and lived to tell the tale. Here's what they learned:

You will survive without a proof of time! Seriously. If you are a slower runner, yes, a better corral gives you a buffer time, but train for the recommended 15 minute per mile pace (did you read that on the runDisney's there) and you'll be okay. You even can buy yourself a few minutes just by getting to the front of whatever corral you end up in.

The party is definitely in the back! Seriously. I've been in corral A. It's quiet. It's serious. There are few costumes. It's intimidating. The back of the pack is social. It's where all the stories are; you know, the ones that make you tear up and inspire you at your darkest moment. It's where the costumes are. It's where you're never alone. The best part is it's also where lots of first-timers hang. These runners are often scared, nervous, and have no idea what to expect. Imagine giving that person a few words of encouragement--that alone is worth the bottlenecking on the course!

You can play a fun game of chase. What? Yep, when I'm feeling tired or sluggish, I like to chase some fellow runners. I sprint (ish) past a person. I try to keep up with someone ahead. If you think that the back of the pack is all walkers, think again! It is everyone, and you can totally challenge your pace with other runners.

With the new requirements (<2:30 half, <5:00 full) and Covid cancelling almost every road race, you will be in good company. There's heavy stuff going on in our world; don't let not having a proof of time be the thing that stresses you out. Stop for the pictures if you have time, or take a selfie if you don't. Don't worry about that PR. Just remember how lucky we are to all be back running together in the most magical place on Earth, and you too will live happily ever after!

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