Thursday, March 19, 2020

What now?

Disney is closed. Gyms are closed. I know, this does seem trivial in the bigger picture of people's health and lives, but for many of us, these things are deeply ingrained in our happiness and self care.

Today marks 42 days until our planned Disney World trip. We have a fun, split-stay trip planned, fast passes done, matching shirts, dining reservations, flights, everything. Today is also the day that we are most likely canceling our trip. With my part time work gone and Bill officially furloughed until his company can be up and running, we have to trim every penny, like so many others. Our overly extravagant Disney vacation is a clear cut that we will have to make. Fortunately, we have not activated our annual passes yet, and we have the opportunity to reschedule for a future date. I know many of my runDisney friends are uneasy about Star Wars weekend, and just awaiting that very likely announcement of it's cancellation. Again, I know it's trivial, but when you plan and prepare for something for so long, disappointment and sadness are natural feelings.

What I am learning through this, though, is that I have a need to be a helper. My purpose is and has always been to help people. It is what drives me, and in times like these, I feel that need even more. In my fitness life, I've been sharing resources for home workouts. Last night, I ran my first live group fitness class from my home. I plan to do more as soon as I can figure out my work from home schedule and what I really need to do to keep us afloat during these trying times. (Shoot me a friend request on FB, follow me, follow the page, connect on IG--I'd love to share lots of these resources with you)

So what now? I guess we just continue helping our neighbors, try to stay positive, and look forward to better times. We follow the guidelines of the medical professionals. We pray. We smile for our kids, we laugh when we really want to cry, and we give thanks for everything we do have. Most importantly, we take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. So, with that, please eat well. Take vitamins. Exercise. Have fun. Sleep.

Remember, as Dory said, "Just keep swimming."

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