Monday, January 13, 2020

The Monday after...

The Walt Disney World Marathon weekend has come and gone. We weren't there, but were definitely cheering everyone on from home! I love seeing all the pictures, posts, and stories from friends and strangers alike.

From when I said, "Never again!"
Now that it's Monday, I'm sure some of you (like me) are high on pixie dust and ready to jump into another runDisney event! We are focused on the 2021 Marathon Weekend, with Kate taking on the marathon (her first!!!!) and with me being crazy and doing Dopey just one more time. (Anyone remember 2014? That "one and done" race? I lied, I guess!). We are also going to follow the race weekend up with a cruise, and yes, doing that challenge too. Starting in May we will also be APs, so expect to see us on every course from Wine and Dine 2020 through Star Wars 2021.

Since it's Monday, and we are all motivated, I figured I'd share some of what I'm doing to help coach Kate to the marathon! Here's our January focus:

  1. Build a good base and exercise habits. We are both focused on a few runs per week just to get in the habit of getting out there.
  2. Focus on nutrition and weight loss. It's hard to lose a ton of weight during a training cycle, and we don't want to have to focus on that when we're already focused on the miles. Dropping a few pounds in the next couple of months will only make training and running easier.
  3. Get started with a Disney budget! Maybe not the most fun, but we are both starting to save for our upcoming trips. 
  4. Start looking for proof of time races. We definitely want to have a proof of time so we have a little buffer for corrals.
So take that motivation, and let's do something with it. Who's running Disney soon? 

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