Wednesday, April 24, 2019

To Dopey or Not To Dopey

If you are on any kind of social media these days, the question is up almost daily. "I've never run a marathon (or sometimes even a half), but I really want to do Dopey. Am I crazy?" All the runDisney fanatics chime in with the usual upbeat, "You got this!" comments and we perpetuate the new marathoners taking the Dopey plunge. Friends, don't do it. Let me say that again: DON'T DO IT! And guess what? It's not why you may think.

The Inaugural Dopey Challenge
So first, let's go with the logical explanation, which I'm sure is what you think my reasoning is. A marathon is a beast. 4 days of super early wake-ups. Miles upon miles of running on less than fresh legs. The level of commitment of training to make each race successful. It felt like a part time job. If you have never run a race of more than 13.1 miles, it is an entirely different experience. Taking on a four day challenge when you don't know what the final distance even feels like is a little crazy. To finish these races with a smile, you have a lot of work to put in. Yes, it can be done. Yes, when you register I will turn into your cheerleader and gladly offer my advice and experience. BUT, before you slap down that credit card, hear me out.

The marathon. Let's get real, Dopey is all about the marathon. Some people will tell you to walk everything else. Focus on the marathon and you'll be fine. (I personally ran each race, but did have a strategy that I'd happily share for anyone who wants to listen). The marathon. It is an incredible race. It's something most people will never be able to say they have done. What happens when you stack all those races before marathon day? You lose the marathon. There is nothing in the world like your first 26.2. Why would you want to combine that with a challenge like Dopey? Think about goals. What it feels like to accomplish those big, hairy, scary goals. Why would you want to check all those boxes in one weekend? A marathon on fresh legs is hard. It is its own accomplishment. A marathon will change you. You will be stronger and know that you can do anything. That strength will take you through tough times in running and in life. You will forever be able to carry that strength to your future goals. You will gain confidence, smile bigger, and walk just a bit taller. Take the breath, run the marathon, revel in your happiness, celebrate, come back another time and do Dopey. You will never have another chance to do your first marathon. Do you want to simply survive? Or do you want to train and focus on that race and make each step amazing?

So friends, before you follow the crowd who will all "rah-rah" you and say "DO IT!" think about you, your goals, and how you want to remember your first marathon. It an experience like no other! Hopefully I'll see you there in January, only doing the marathon!

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