Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dear runDisney!

Dear runDisney,
Photo credit: Team Sparkle

As an avid Disney runner, and one who just HAS to be part of the cool kids club, I'm begging you PLEASE give Dumbo/Disneyland Double Dare runners legacy status!!!

The rumors have been swirling that challenges other than Goofy will not get legacy status. This just can't be! I know that Mickey wouldn't want it that way! I get that some of the shorter races don't have legacy status, but 19.3 miles deserves some recognition (not to mention the hefty price tag, times 5 that we've gladly paid year after year). Now that I'm an east coast girl, traveling for this weekend is tradition and even though it will be a pain in the butt I'm still doing it. We've run every half since the 5th anniversary, so even though we aren't legacy half runners, this feels like OUR race! When Dumbo was added, it was perfect! We could finally have a legacy race during the weekend that started our runDisney obsession. Don't take that away!

In case you are less about heart and more about practicality, I came up with 5 great reasons to acknowledge us Dumbo legacies:

  1. Money! It encourages those repeat runners to continue to register year after year.
  2. More Money! It encourages other challenge racers to be repeat customers.
  3. Repeat Customers Equals More Money! It will get those new runDisney nuts committed to earning legacy at a race weekend when the opportunity presents itself.
  4. Let's be honest, the sellouts aren't happening at warp-speed anymore. A little happiness with some runDisney enthusiasts (who likely will spread the happiness to new runners) wouldn't hurt. While we're here, can I put in a plug for more blogger events too?
  5. Magic! Anniversary years are definitely more special when you can see all those runners who have run every year of the race. 
Okay, I know not everyone will feel me on this one, but really if you're a nut like me, you've gone to GREAT lengths to maintain legacy status (yes, even planning pregnancy around running this race--that has to count for SOMETHING). I know it shouldn't mean that much, but I'd love a spatula, a special ribbon, a bib, really anything just to make me feel a little more special on race day.  C'mon, you know you can't resist the runDisney spirit!

From the Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare

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