Friday, June 30, 2017

Race Report: 2017 Tink 5k

Perfect Start!
Recycled Costume!
Time to start recapping those races I ran a month ago! HA! In all honesty, this past vacation to Disneyland was WAY more about vacation than races, but nonetheless, we ran. It was a family trip, and the 5k was about family! I had the pleasure of running with Katie and Chris. This was our first time running the 5k and our main reason was the start--I mean, really, it doesn't get better than a Main Street USA start with Tinkerbell!

We stayed at the Paradise Pier hotel, so luckily we didn't need to wake up TOO early. We got into our costumes and headed to Disneyland for the start. We lined up in corral B (note: everyone was in corral "A" then they corral you based on when you arrive, so if you are dying to be in the front, get there early). As we looked up, we realized that we had a big old tree in view of the Tink flight path. Meh! Then, smart me moved us back to corral C with a little, "Excuse me, we need to use the restroom" tactic. Now we were in the middle of Main Street with a perfect view! So, word to the wise, if you arrive later, stay back and start in corral C.
Corral C, please!

Always fun in DCA!
It took a bit to get going since we started in the back, but hey, we were there for the fun. We started right in front of the Matterhorn with a small start line. The course had tons of park time, and we did some run/walk intervals and took a few selfies. It was a beautiful day, perfect running weather, and since we weren't running for time, it was no pressure.
Always time for a bathroom mirror selfie!

The finisher's medal was beautiful! This was the first "medal medal" I earned (the non-rubber ones) for a 5k. Of course I also got the infamous snack box...yum!

Here was your character stop...
Okay, but let's get to the proverbial "Dumbo" in the room--characters on the course. Everyone was talking about it all weekend. You might have thought they made us run on a treadmill instead of even having a race. There were no character stops. Yes, that was true. There was a place to take a selfie, but that was it. I totally get why people were upset. Had my goal been to stop and take pictures, I would have been upset too. Had this been my first and only runDisney event, I would have been really upset. Yes, I'm planning on getting more thoughts out about why I think they tried this.

Even with the big character snafu, I still think this race was totally worth it! Main Street USA alone was worth the price! I'm not sure when we'll make it out for this race weekend again, but if we ever do, the 5k will be a must do for me!

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