Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Post-Christmas Catch-up

Whew! It's January 8th and I finally feel like the holiday season has come to an end and real life can get started again. When I first had Robby, I felt bad for him having a birthday so close to the holidays. Now I just feel bad for me because this mom life is HARD with everything so close together.

Merry Christmas!
We spent Christmas at home in New York. Being that it was Robby's first Christmas and our first Christmas in our new home, it was super special and so much fun to be at home for it all. I hosted a huge Christmas eve meal (read: way too much food and now I'm paying for it) and we visited family locally on Christmas day.

Right after Christmas, we flew to California for holiday celebrations with Bill's family. It was so much fun to have babies around for Christmas. Totally changed the focus and I really can't wait for the next few years as they all get older and really into the spirit of the season. We also hosted a small birthday party for Robby and got to ring in the new year with our west coast family. It was a fun-filled trip, but short and very busy, which left little time for running or any exercise.

We arrived back in New York on New Years Day with a few days to clean up Christmas and get ready for Robby's first birthday party. Shockingly enough, it wasn't even Disney themed! His winter one-derland birthday was amazing, but unfortunately Mother Nature got in on the theme. Lots of our family and friends had to miss the party because of the snow.

Now, it's time to really clean up after all the parties, and no, I'm not just talking about my house! It's time to clean up the diet and exercise routine too. In all honesty, running has not been a huge priority and my heart misses it. Maybe that's good, because I'll be more motivated and it will most definitely be more enjoyable. So back at it I go, with all the others making health, fitness and weight loss a focus in January. Hope you all had a great holiday season!

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