Friday, March 11, 2016

Meet the Family: Robby

Hi, I’m Robby!   I was born on January 7, 2016 to a wonderful Disney obsessed family.  

It seems I already have a deep seeded history at Disneyland.   My parents found out about me at one of their trips there.  They proceeded to announce it to my Babci when she joined them for a race weekend, and my close family found out  that I was a boy at Carthay Circle during the Disneyland Half Race Weekend in 2015.  My Mom had me with her when she ran 3 half marathons  and challenges.   She also “rocked me” as she taught her classes at the gym (I think I like Hip Hop and Zumba, whatever that is!).

Races completed:   Diaper Dash 2016 at the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. I was the official last finisher!

I’ve already had plenty of ChEAR Squad experience at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and at the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend. 

Inspiration for Running:    This is easy. It's my family.  How can I not be inspired by Mom, Dad, Babci, Aunt Katie and Uncle Chris.   They all show me that running can be fun at all different levels.

My favorite character:  I really haven’t been exposed to all the Disney characters yet, so this is one is hard to answer.  I think someone is trying to tell me that it is a monster from Monsters, Inc.   Everywhere I look in my room, I see a Disney Monster.   On the other hand, I have a big variety of other characters in clothes, toys and books.  I guess you could say I haven’t made up my mind yet. Stay tuned, though, I’m sure I will have a favorite eventually.

Why I love to run Disney:   I like the medals and the vacations that we get to take as a family.

Running Advice:   Have fun! I've had the experience now of being the last finisher, and runDisney makes you feel like the winner no matter where you fall in the pack. In fact, being last is almost better than being first. I can't wait for my next races coming soon!

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