Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Disney Princess: One Year Later

This past weekend, my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds were FULL of pictures and posts from the WDW Princess Half Marathon weekend. It also was my first attempt at running after having Robby. It had me thinking about where I was one year ago and how much life has changed in a year.

The Princess Half weekend 2015 was my "last hoorah" race. We had been talking seriously about starting a family, so we decided that I would run as many runDisney races as I could in a year and then we'd start trying for a baby after Princess. That (very cold) weekend, I ran all the races and we had a blast enjoying Walt Disney World. Who knew that in less than 2 months we'd be already expecting our little Disney prince?

I spent so much of my pregnancy focused on staying healthy and fit, which made my pregnancy a breeze. Postpartum, though, has really been a struggle. That brings me to my latest run: a planned 5-miler in preparation for the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend. Ummmmm...so... Let's just say I'm not really ready for this race!

I didn't make the full 5 miles yesterday. In fact, I only made 2 miles of running, then had to walk home. Between being sick with a cold and my knee acting up (probably from the extra weight), I was just not feeling a run. Ugh! I thought coming back after pregnancy was going to be much easier. My plan is to just chug through this weekend, get to the finish line, then start from square one. As a coach, I know that building a proper running base is essential, and I don't know why I thought I could somehow just skip this step. Luckily I have 6 months before the Disneyland Half to get back into fighting shape.

No time like a Monday to start again, right? I'll be walking this week and just saying a few prayers to the running Gods on Sunday. I'm sticking to my plan of walking and running with a little PiYo to help with strength. I start back at the gym teaching in a week, so I better get ready for that too. Oh, the life of a new mommy!!

Any tips to start over?

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