Sunday, July 12, 2015

I just signed up for the Disneyland 10K

Since Disney does run in this family, Alyson and Bill thought it would be a good idea to have a “baby gender reveal” in Disneyland during Half Marathon Weekend in September. After all, that was where they learned Aly was pregnant (she tells the story HERE.) I knew I would be headed to California because I could not miss this!  

Then, I thought, if I’m going to go to Disneyland on a race weekend, I should at least run a 5K. We know runDisney has no spots, so I decided check out the Charity Groups and Travel Providers.  

With less than 60 days until race weekend, I wasn’t sure about raising enough money in time and most of the charities I looked at didn’t have 10K or 5K spots. I moved on to the Travel Providers. Most were sold out or did not offer the 10K or 5K. I sent out several emails, but had no luck. Then I came across Cruise Planners. Their site said there were half, 5K and even 1-10K available. I didn’t get my hopes up because other sites showed they had spots, but didn’t.

By the time I got home from work, their office was closed. I decided to fill out the contact form and ask if there were spots available, thinking I would hear from them in the morning. I received a response from Dawn rather quickly saying there were 5K spots and 1-10k and that I should call her in the morning.   

I never worked with an agent so I didn’t know what to expect.   She patiently listened to my “baby” stories as I told her why I was trying to get a bib so late. (And, believe me, it’s hard for me to keep quiet once I start going.) I decided to take the 10K upgraded package, which gave me park hopper passes and a commemorative 10K pin. I also got a ticket to the 10th Anniversary Party, which is happening on Thursday night. (Thanks for your help, Dawn!  You made this Grandma-to-be very happy.)

Even though the kids aren’t getting there until Friday night, I’m going out early on Thursday to enjoy a little bit of the parks before the race.  I’m looking forward to checking out the Anniversary Party on Thursday night and getting to see the “Paint the Night” parade.   

After a weekend of festivities, on Sunday night, we’re going to enjoy our special dinner and learn if we’re on Team Mickey or Team Minnie!

Have you ever gone through a travel provider for your race entry?  Are you going to the Anniversary Party?  If you “run” into us during the Disneyland Half Weekend, be sure to say hi!    

And just in case you still need an entry,  Dawn may have some Half and 5K packages left.

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