Friday, June 19, 2015

It's time to get serious!

I'm not really sure where the time went, but it's definitely time to get serious about training for the Dumbo Double Dare!  I've only run a few times since Tink, and I definitely need to get my running conditioning back up to speed.  I guess that's an occupational hazard of being a fitness/running coach: you spend so much time helping others achieve their fitness goals, yours sometimes go out the window!

Today, I finally sat down with a calendar, a pencil and some fun markers and spent time designing my own training plan to get me through Dumbo.  My first task was to set my A, B, & C goals.  I always like to have 3 goals for every race.  I also thought through my strategy for race days.  Our family has a super fun group costume planned, so I knew the 4 of us would be running the 10k together (it just won't make sense if one of us runs off).  We all decided that the 10k would be our "take it easy and just enjoy" race so we can save ourselves for the half the next day.  I know most people use this strategy, but I've had weekends where I've raced the 10k and took the half easy.

I started working backwards from race day to be sure I got in enough long runs to get me to the finish line.  I also had to account for all of my "other" workouts--the classes I teach at the gym as well as the weight training I keep up with, especially for my knees.  When you add all of that, my schedule left 3-4 days per week that I can fit in running.  Oh...and of course one day of absolute rest per week is essential!

Now all that's left to do is lace up the shoes and GO!  That, of course, is the hard part, since it's 9 million degrees here and all I want to do is sit in front of a fan with some ice cream!  Keep me in line people!  There are races to be run!

Have you started training for your fall races yet? 

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