Monday, April 6, 2015

An impromptu trip to the Happiest Place on Earth

If you follow along on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen that this past weekend Bill and I made an impulse decision to hop in the car and drive to Disneyland for 24 hours.  It's one of those "only when we have an annual pass" kind of trips...and it was a BLAST!

First, clearly I'm a Disney planner!  My parents taught me at a young age to plan each and every Disney moment to get the most out of each trip.  I generally follow that rule; dining reservations, packing lists, hotels, schedules...I do it all!  This time, though, we literally booked the hotel as we were on our way, picked up a sandwich for the road, and didn't even take a bathroom break.  It was very out of character for me!

We were a little worried about it being Easter and Spring Break, but we were pleasantly surprised at the low level of crowds on Saturday night.  It helped that all passes except Premium were blacked out and we stayed until park closing at midnight (we arrived at 5pm).  It also helped to have some Starbucks after dinner to perk us up for the late night.  In all honesty I haven't been to the park when it was this empty in a long time...maybe ever!  We walked right on Haunted Mansion with zero wait, even to get in the buggy.

Easter was a little busier, but we were still able to get on tons of rides.  If we had gotten up a bit earlier it would have been even better.  Carthay Circle was almost empty, but we still made reservations just to be sure.  I had to drive home alone, but even the drive was fairly short with almost no traffic.

Happy Easter from Disneyland!
This was seriously one of the most fun times I've had in Disney!  I think it was the spontaneity that made it just a little more fun!  If you're a passholder that isn't quite local, drop everything, get in your car, and go for a day.  The planner in me didn't even realized what was going on before I was back home and back to work.  Have you ever done a trip like this?  Tell me about it!

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