Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Your Booty Workout!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!  In honor of this day of LOVE, I created a quick "Love Your Booty" squat challenge.  Squats should be the cornerstone of everyone's workout, but a strong booty is especially important for runners.  Your glutes are what gives you the power in your stride, and keeping them strong will help keep your form in line.  Try it out; let me know how you liked it!

Start with regular squats--be sure to keep those knees behind your toes!  After the first set of 10, sink low into the squat (goal is to be right at 90 degrees, don't go below that!) and hold at the bottom for 15 seconds.  Then repeat 4 more times!

Next, you will travel side to side, 4 to the right, 4 to the left.  Keep it LOW the whole time for the best burn!

Sumo squats are next--turn out from the hips, legs wide.  25 full squats, then hold at the bottom, lift those heels, and pulse it out for 25.  A little bonus for your calves!

Single leg squats to help you with muscular imbalance!  I always do single sided moves so you don't overcompensate.  Take one leg either in front or in back, balance, and squat away!

Now, back to both legs and add some kicks.  Think about pushing your heel forward as you kick.

Let's get down to the ground to finish!  Plant your feet, lift your hips to the air, then take one leg pushed to the ceiling.  Up and down like to are kicking through the roof!  25 times on each leg (and don't forget to squeeze your booty).

Finally, since we're here, let's round out the workout with some crunches!  Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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