Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why I DietBet

Last month I hosted my first DietBet.  I needed it to help motivate myself to get back on track with my fitness and nutrition goals.  It was 100% motivated by my own needs, but it was pretty awesome that my friends and family joined in too.  Our current pot is $2000 and there is a little over a week to go.  The group has already lost 244 pounds.  I'm right on track and can't wait to see how much I win! 

Don't Be Scared of the Scale--Halloween ...

I'm in no way done, so I've already set up my next DietBet!  I'm no dummy... this one ends right before Halloween, which will be the start of my next Disneyland trip.  I can't wait to be able to celebrate (and indulge, just a little...).  Figured the other people in the bet would also want a little indulgence on that day.  I'm sure people are curious, so here's why I'm using DietBet:
  • I am highly motivated by challenges and MONEY!
  • I wanted to help other people, but I don't want to worry about keeping track of money and weight and fairness and etc... (the people at DietBet take care of all of that).
  • As long as you lose the 4%, you get at least your money back (DietBet forfeits their cut of the pot is everyone wins).
  • It a social way to diet--I log in daily to help motivate others and get some motivation myself.
  • I, as the host, get to set the bet.  I keep it low ($25) so the price doesn't deter anyone who wants to join in.
I'd love for some of my blogger friends to join in too, so consider this your official invite!  You have a little over a week to get in on the fun and invite all your friends and family to join in too.  It really is more fun with friends.  I hope you join us!  Here's the link:  https://www.dietbetter.com/games/50550


  1. I did one dietbet fairly recently. It was pretty cool. I didn't participate as much on the website, so I feel like I really didn't get out of it what I could have. Looking to do it again sometime. I will definitely think about yours if I feel ready to go again.

    1. Awesome! I try to check in daily and that really helps. I know if you have an i-phone there's an app...but I'm am Android girl :-)