Saturday, April 19, 2014

Journey to a Fit(bit) Me - Part 2

This “Frozen” winter in the Northeast has left me a little lazy.  I (Joann) was not very active the last couple of months.   My fitbit goal was rarely reached.  There were days I actually dressed for the gym in the morning, sneakers and all, and used the single digit temps as an excuse not to go.  It’s April and I need to get back into good habits.  How are you dealing with your training/workout slumps?

Over the last year I've been on a mission to get healthier, losing 70 lbs and trying to step up my exercise. When the Disneyland Half weekend went on sale, I decided to “win” a position in the 5k and join the rest of the family in Disneyland.   I know to a lot of runners, a 5k is something they do daily on a treadmill, but to a novice runner it’s not that easy.  I need to train.   I've gotten to the point where I can power walk that distance easily.   Now, I want to run/walk and finish in a respectable time.   My goal is to do a Disney 10k next year and in the process take off about 10 more pounds, and, I have a plan!

Monitor my weight:
My Aria (by Fitbit) scale just arrived from Amazon.  I love it already.  This scale, besides weight, measures body fat and wirelessly syncs to your Fitbit account.  It’s like getting weighed in by someone, you can’t fake the numbers!  I have My Fitness Pal and RunKeeper synced to fitbit and I’m ready to go.  I set my daily steps to 15,000 and I’m determined to keep it up.

Strength training twice a week:
I have been training with a good friend (she’s a personal trainer) of mine for years.    Since she moved to
Florida, we actually have been training by Skype!   I get an amazing workout and it’s just as good as training with her at the gym.   It’s not necessary to have a very large area.  I set up my laptop so she can see me and we’re good to go!  I have accumulated some workout gear:  a step, bosu ball, weights, bands and a medicine ball.  I think this is a great idea for working out.   I don’t have to leave the house, so excuses disappear (this is the one thing I kept up with during the cold winter months).  You should try it!  Get a friend who is willing to do this with you.   Set up a weekly time, then Skype and workout together!   You will encourage each other and be less likely to “cheat” on your reps when you are accountable to each other.    Take turns making up your workouts or get some online.   Have them planned before you begin. 

Cardio for a minimum of 4 days per week:
I can easily do this at the gym, but I’m hoping for some nice days to add the outdoors to my routine.  I’ll be logging both my strength training and cardio in RunKeeper.

Keep a food diary:
I’ll be logging everything into My Fitness Pal.   I’ve been doing that on and off, but have never really committed.  Now is the time.

Follow a 5k training plan to be completed right before the race:
I’m not sure which one I will follow yet.   Most plans I've seen average 8 weeks.   I want to see where I am physically as it gets closer to those 8 weeks.   Will I still be at a beginner stage or will I have progressed?   It's all up to me and my dedication to my training. 

As I continue my journey into a healthier lifestyle, I’m setting my sights on that 10k goal for next year.  I’m really excited to do my first 5k at Disneyland and cheer the rest of the family on during the Dumbo Double Dare.   Initially, I wasn’t sure if I would do the 10k at the World or the Land.  I assumed my daughter was going for that pink Coast to Coast so I was thinking about Princess or Tink.  My daughter suggested coming out to CA and joining them for Tink on Mother’s Day weekend 2015.  How could I refuse? I guess that settles it!  Only decision left...The Costume!

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