Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 WDW Marathon Preview

We are deep into taper mode, and runDisney is deep into Marathon Weekend overload!  There has been so much information and sneak peaks coming from every bit of media that it's been hard to keep up.  Here is our best attempt to get you up to speed on the upcoming Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, 2014!

If you haven't already, head over to the runDisney Marathon Weekend site and print your waiver, which is found under the "Runner Info" tab.  I have seen some lines at the expo printing station (really, though, never too bad) but let's face it, you'll be waiting in many, many other lines, so why not skip one and print your waiver at home!  Also, if you are picking up bibs for someone else or having someone else pick up yours, you will need 3 pieces of paper: the waiver, the authorization form, and a copy of the runner's ID.  This is also needed for ChEAR Squad & Race Retreat.

Under that tab, you will also find the final race instructions along with course maps and corral info.  Be sure to check the start times and transportation times for your respective races, as well as the expo. Here's a brief breakdown:
Expo: Wed 1/8: 10-8; Thurs 1/9: 9-7, Fri 1/10: 9-7, Sat 1/11: 10-4
5k: Start 6:15, must be on the buses by 5:30
10k, Half, & Full: Start 5:30, must be on the buses by 4
...and yes, that is all AM!!!!  I'm tired just thinking of the alarm going off!!!
There is also a pretty stern warning about runners trying to get into the corrals from the "backwoods" areas (you may get disqualified).  If it were me, I wouldn't risk it!  Enter through the Epcot lot.

If you're like me, you're dying to get those new shoes!  In an effort to control the crowds, New Balance has instituted a new policy.  Read about it here on the runDisney blog.
In short, you will need to register for a time to come back and purchase your shoes.  I hope this will work out for the better, not worse!

runDisney has also previewed some merchandise, including pre-order of Dooney & Bourke purses, runDisney tutus and official runDisney Champion sports bras. I'm still considering the cross-body purse.  I would guess the Disney Parks blog may offer us a few more glimpses of merchandise in the upcoming days.  I'm expecting most of the traditional gear, of which I have a few items on my wish list.

With all of the races and challenges, it looks like the expo is even bigger this year!  Be sure to come with a plan and check out the map.  You will want to save your legs and not do too many laps around WWoS!

For those of you running challenges, be sure to read up on the bibs and the bracelets.  After completing each leg of the challenge, you will need to get a wristband at a tent in the finish area.  Also, Goofy runners, you will have one bib for both races.  Dopeys, you have two for all four races.

Be sure to register for runner tracking HERE
This is the best way for spectators to know where you are on the course.  I always post my results to Facebook, Twitter, and text myself.  What can I say?  I just have to know my results!!!

Check out your iGiftBag you received in your final race instructions email.  There are a few great things in there.  One, that I always have to have, is the coupon for the free Lasting Commemoratives art card.  There is also info about the Cool-Down Party at Downtown Disney.  Did you know you can get 10% off at Fulton's Crab House just by showing your medal?  That's where we'll be at 7:30 for my Dopey celebration!  You can also get a free pair of socks and a bunch of other deals.  Can't find your e-mail?  Check it out HERE

If you were at Marathon weekend last year (or in 2010), the weather is certainly on your mind.  I've carefully stalked multiple weather reports and it looks like we are in for another hot one (albeit not AS bad as last year).  The highs are:
5k--79 degrees
10k--79 degrees
Half--79 degrees
Full--77 degrees
You might want to think about how you will adjust your race.  Definitely think about fueling and hydrating throughout the whole weekend.  Keep checking the weather and keep those fingers crossed it doesn't get any warmer.  Oh, and you can go ahead and save some room in your suitcase--you won't need much cold weather gear (maybe just a little waiting for the start)!

2013 Disneyland Meet-Up
Finally, if you're waiting for the announcement of the Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up, the rumor is there will not be a meet-up for marathon weekend.  I'm sad, as going to the Disneyland Meet-Up was a highlight for me, but I think my legs won't mind.

I think that's all, without retyping the entire website!
Want some race reports and pictures to get you excited?

Check out my report of the 2013 WDW Marathon Weekend here: Expo 5k Half Marathon Full Marathon

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  1. I won't be participating in the Marathon weekend but this is great information for those that will be. I'll be on the course as a volunteer cheering all the marathon runners past the half way point. Good luck to everyone running!!!

    1. THANK YOU for voluntEARing!!!! We could not do it without you!!!!