Monday, December 30, 2013

Why I Love to Splurge on the ChEAR Squad

I know, I know, it’s pricey and not for everyone, but I just can’t resist the swag! 

During Marathon weekend, I’ll be part of the ChEAR Squad for the third year.  Nothing beats chEARing on the runners with my Mickey clappers, while wearing my ChEAR Squad tee shirt.  And, yes, the stadium blanket does come in handy on those early morning hours waiting at the start line.

You can get all the great stuff with the Silver Package, but I go for the Gold.   I do this for two simple reasons:  the stadium seating at the finish line and the area in front of Cinderella Castle.  (Last year, there was also a special area at ESPN in the stadium.)  These areas allow you to get really good viewing points.   You can get some great pictures of your runners by the castle if you plan in advance.  The stadium seating is “first come”, but there is a constant rotation of people and I’ve always had a place to sit.  This old lady with knee issues found the seats very welcoming!  Another nice perk is the beverages.  A cold drink is always refreshing  (as was the hot coffee on cold mornings).

I’ve not yet tried the Platinum package, which includes the race retreat.   On one early morning bus ride to the start line, I met a woman who swears by it.  She said after she attended the race retreat once and got the Platinum package, she would do no other.   She said it was the only way to go!   I guess some year I may really splurge and try it, but for now I’m content with the Gold.

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